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Ula Character Palette - Death 2 Divinity x Die Hard Dice

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When the Feywild swallows their world, it’s up to a party of fat, queer babes to get revenge on the deities who stole their future… But as our heroes descend into a world unbound by the strict rules of the religious institution governing their floating home in the sky, will they choose to destroy divinity, or claim it?

An orphaned sword for hire with a determination to rediscover their lost legacy, remaining Triton Captain Ula Zaire serves their paladin oath faithfully while trying to liberate the town they left to save. Can they use their oath to save their loved ones? Or will their faith be shaken when the Gods get too close for comfort?


The Ula Dice Palette from Death 2 Divinity includes the following:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brian Perez
Beyond my Expectations

I wanna say I never right reviews for any of my purchases. So the fact that I’m taking my time to write about how fun, beautiful and amazing these dice were. Just shows how happy and satisfied with my order. Thank you so much and keep up the great work.


Good dice, lots of freebies included. They were very kind.

Ula Character Palette - Death 2 Divinity x Die Hard Dice

Ula Character Palette - Death 2 Divinity x Die Hard Dice

Regular price   $35.95 Sale price   $29.95

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