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Mystery Bags

Season 2

Welcome to Season 2 of the Die Hard Dice Mystery Bag Lineup!

Receive a random polymer set from across the history of Die hard Dice - or even an unreleased Avalore or Elessia set!

Many heroes crave the random loot of the monsters they slay, and the Dice Goblins of Castle Die Hard are no exception. Having found an amazing treasure trove spanning all of the conquests of our storied history (plus some secrets yet to be revealed to the world!), we present to you a random set curated from our pile of treasure!

Each Season 2 Mystery bag will contain one of 33 random polymer set worth $7.95 or more with a chance to receive an unreleased, discontinued, Avalore, Elessia, Untamed, or a DHD Original!

Mystery Bags are assembled in such a way that even if you purchase ten at a time, you should not receive any duplicates.

Each Season 2 Mystery Bag Contains one of the Following

Unreleased Set

Discontinued Set

Sample or Prototype


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