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7-teiliges RPG-Set – Mythica Battleworn Gold


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Battleworn Gold ist ein unlackiertes Finish, das wie ein Artefakt antiker Handwerkskunst aussieht. Der Kontrast zwischen der Dunkelheit in den vertieften Flächen und den Außenflächen macht sie sehr gut lesbar.


Hervorragendes Gewicht und sicheres Gefühl beim Rollen
• Die Ecken der Mythica-Würfel sind weicher gestaltet, um sie schöner zu machen, das Rollen zu verbessern und den Tisch zu schonen
• Massive Metallwürfel aus ungiftiger Zinkdruckgusslegierung
• Galvanisiert mit Battleworn Gold-Antik-Finish
• Roh und unbemalt, wie vom Hersteller beabsichtigt
• Standardmäßiges 7-teiliges RPG-Würfelset, Standardgröße, Größenangaben unten
• Diese Würfel sind raue und robuste, kampfbereite Arbeitstiere

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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
David Thompson
Love These Dice

I originally purchased these dice for a kind of dumb reason but I wanted some dice that were gold/treasure like to put in the Lego D&D Mimic dice holder. I already have another set of plastic ttrpg dice that I use but after holding and rolling these dice I think Im gonna switch. These feel great. They have a nice weight to them and roll really well. I am very happy I bought these. They look great and work great.

Zebedee Kumley
Phenomenal set but definitely should have gone with the 11 piece set

The dice are AMAZING! For any DnD and most other table top RPG's it would be a perfect 5 out of 5 set. Unfortunately, the table top my friends and I are playing is Stars Without Number (HIGHLY recommend as well) and most of the skill checks use 2-3d6's. Now, DHD sells 11 piece sets that are possibly some of the most gorgeous works of art I could ever behold and would be exactly what I need for the current campaign into the stars. However, all the sets you see when you go to the metallic section of the website are the 7 piece sets and because I didn't know about the 11 piece set option until one of my friends told me after my 7 piece had already arrived I was kinda out of luck. To put the icing on the cake, when I realized I needed a couple more d6's I tried to just buy some individually, but they're no longer in stock. So bottom line, its an absolutely BEAUTIFUL set... but just didn't have enough d6's. So definitely get the 11 piece set! Love you tons DHD team!! ;)

These are the perfect dice (for me)

I painstakingly looked all over the internet for the perfect dice for my DnD needs. After having found my way to DHD, I quickly narrowed my tastes down to metal dice. From there, I looked at every single style and color combo and landed on the Mythica Battleworn Gold as the all-around best option for me. Sadly, these have been sold out on their website for some time, but I managed to find a local game store that carried them!

After having used these in my weekly campaign for some time now, I can confidently say that these are the perfect dice for me. They are standard-sized (unlike a lot of cheaper metal dice,) they look great, are easy to read, feel solid in-hand, and have the perfect heft to roll with a satisfying "thud". I paired them with one of the DHD magnetic rolling trays and a Wyrmwood Black Walnut Hexagonal Dice Vault, and have been happily rolling away since then.

They seem to have consistently random rolls, which keeps my games interesting, and I always end up with one in my hand as I roll it around whilst awaiting my turn.

No regrets aside from not ordering them sooner!

Really lovely dice

I got this as a nice “basic” set of metal dice and I love them so much! They’re really stunning and have a good heft to them!

Worth the wait

These dice are some big beefy bois. The quality is exceptional and they look beautiful in good lighting. The metal dice container is a nice touch, as are the free dice they gave away. Shipping to Australia took about as long as expected, about 3 weeks.

7-teiliges RPG-Set – Mythica Battleworn Gold

7-teiliges RPG-Set – Mythica Battleworn Gold


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