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Menu 2 - L2 DEALS

How about a pact boon?  Ha!  We actually have several items of interest.  Which of these piques your interest the most?

Menu 5 - L2 SHOP INFO

Welcome to Castle Die Hard! The castle was built shortly after the start of the 5th Age. We offer rest and resupply to passing heroes. Here you’ll find beautiful artifacts and accessories to help elevate your adventures. I’m Daia. Pleased to meet you!

Menu 6 - L3 PRICE

Whether you’re a new adventurer or a seasoned privateer, we have magic items for every purse - even if it happens to be a bag of holding!  What price range are you looking for?

Menu 6 - L3 REST

Yep!  Just tell your DM we granted you a Long Rest. < wink! >


I do! Our customers LOVE our product and we delight in going overboard in little ways to include a bit of ‘special’ in every order. We have over 23,000 reviews, 97% of which are rated as 5-stars. Would you like to see some of them?


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Menu 6 - L3 WORKERS

Goodness, no.  I have several apprentice artisans, chromamancers, and goblins who work tirelessly to bring you the wares you see.


A color wizard.  A master of materials, and pigments.  We have three. 

Menu 8 - L3 PRODUCTS

Yes, right this way!  Here, you’ll find bejeweled artifacts, treasured magic items, and possibly a legendary relic or two.  What catches your eye?


My potions are too strong for you, traveller.
• I tell you I am going into battle and I want only your strongest potions.
• Oh, if they’re that strong, I understand.


I see you’ve heard of our secret ciphers!  We have three special codes at the moment, unless you have your own:
Spend at least $50,
then use the code
at checkout for $5 off!
Spend at least $80,
then use the code
at checkout for $10 off!
Spend at least $120,
then use the code
at checkout for $20 off!
Remember, you can only use one code!
• Now that I know how the codes work, what deals are you offering?
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My potions are too strong for you, traveller.
• Listen to me.  I want only your STRONGEST potions
• Oh, if they’re that strong, I understand.


My potions are too strong for you, traveller.
• Enough of these games!  I am going into battle, and I NEED your strongest potions.
• That deadly?  Hmm… perhaps that is more than I can handle...


Very well, foolish mortal!  If you are so intent on using the strongest potions, you may find them here.  But you’ve been warned!!!
• I could certainly make some strong potions from that, but you better just show me the rest of your wares for now.


Holiday Specials

Holiday Codes

Holiday Gift Box

Battle Buckets

Best Discounts

New Dice!

Drakona Gemtooth

Partner Dice

Vanguard d6 

Storm Forged  Mages Guild

Discount Codes!

It's simple!  Follow these steps to get $5, $10, or $20 off of your order.

Get $20 Off

Add $120 of product to your cart

At checkout, use this discount code:  HOLIDAY20


Get $10 Off

Add $80 of product to your cart

At checkout, use this discount code:  HOLIDAY10

That's it!

Get $5 Off

Add $50 of product to your cart

At checkout, use this discount code:  HOLIDAY5


Drakona Gemtooth

Born from crystal veins filled with latent magic, gemtooth drakes have an affinity for elemental forces which manifest when they bite their prey. We’ve distilled their power into these mighty artifacts.

Vanguard d6 Packs

This cache of weaponry will allow you to marshal a chromatic array of options for whatever battlefield awaits!

Partner Products

Below you will find the finest wares, in collaboration with the finest people!

Lumina Golden Gridiron

Johnny Stanton

This collection of golden weaponry is fit for any arena.

Within the celebrated Grand Coliseum, forces of golden armored titans clash. Driving forward, these formidable gladiators know that only one faction will ascend to glory. Stand with them - victorious or vanquished!

We are ecstatic to announce Golden Gridiron, a custom version of Lumina for the one and only Johnny Stanton, professional athlete and D&D Nerd!

Storm Forged - Mages Guild

Jake Stormoen

Conjuration, Evocation, Illusion and Necromancy. Powerful schools of magic, each distilled into a potent emblem.

This is the latest addition to the Storm Forged line of dice, created in collaboration with Jake Stormoen!

Dicefiliate Mega Showcase

In the pursuit of all things fun and cool, we often end up with small runs of limited-edition dice.  This time we teamed up with nine of our wonderful affiliates to choose paint colors!

Death 2 Divinity Character Palettes

Each Character Palette is carefully curated to match one of the characters from Death 2 Divinity.  Learn more about the Death 2 Divinity crew here!

Battle Buckets!

... a level 36 fireball, you say?

Mystery Gift Box

No, 'Ready-to-Wrap' doesn't mean you gain a level in bard. Ha! Instead we've put some of our favorite goodies into a 4 inch square unmarked box so all you have to do is make it look pretty and give it to that special someone (or yourself, I don't judge!). This item does not come with wrapping paper.

Paint and Play Dice Party Kit

The Master Artificer stood within the Vault of a Thousand Stars. Before her, the Forge of Eternity was bathed in power. Her quest was at its culmination: materials and tools at hand. Now to craft a relic worthy of her name.

This kit is filled with 20 of our un-inked Avalore sets in 4 different colors, plus some bonus practice dice. Follow our tutorials with a few of your friends and family, or hoard a plethora of unique treasures for yourself!

Experiment 010: Frameworks

“The magic of the Dreamscape is within reach, though something’s not quite right. I was able to harness it but the cages aren’t as sturdy as I hoped. I seem to have miscalculated the strength needed to contain this power.”

-Experiment 010 Lab Notes

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