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Neuwürfe – Recycelte Würfel


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The druid knelt on the ashy loam, taking a handful of soil and letting it slip through their fingers. While the area looked desolate and destroyed, their natural magic told them a multitude of seeds were scattered throughout the area. All they needed was some work, care, and a little bit of magic, and this area would be as lush and verdant as it had once been.

Rerolls are recycled dice with a purpose! A lot of plastic is left behind in the acrylic dice making process, and that has never sat well with us. It took time and research, but we’ve finally found a means to recycle that plastic into something new.

We aim to take these extra bits of plastic, and turn them into something that makes our world a better place. The proceeds from these dice will go toward a new charity every fiscal quarter.

This quarter, we have decided to support the Palestine Children's Relief Fund

Additionally, Die Hard Dice will donate a full 7-piece set of Rerolls to MagiKids for every purchase made through our store, no matter what dollar amount you spend.

To Learn more about Rerolls, visit our Rerolls Page.


  • Our popular Elessia mold
  • Muted red with silver flecks and white inking
  • Traditional 7-piece RPG set
  • Made of recycled acrylic polymer
  • Each run of rerolls will be completely unique, based on the available range of colors of left over plastics
  • Comes with a Watermelon d20 sticker! 


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  • Freitags versenden wir nicht, da wir hier bei Castle Die Hard eine 4-Tage-Woche getestet haben.
  • Die Versandkosten variieren je nach Größe und Gewicht der Artikel und dem Bestimmungsort.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

Great dice with a great purpose

Absolutely beautiful!

Beautiful, Easy to read dice that are also helping recycle and support a good cause!!

Kenz Johns
Absolutely beautiful!

I love this set so much! It is super sparkly in the light and the slight variation between each die adds to the charm.

Great, and worthy.

Picked em up because I liked the technique/theory of them. I love waste reduction, and re-use. I wanted to support that choice with my dollars, and now that I have them, I'm thrilled. The dice ar great. Mute color is fine. Hints of sparkles are nice. The numbers, and contrast make them very easy to read. Great product, great philosophy.

great dice!

love having recycled plastic so my ongoing dice collecting doesn't feel QUITE so wasteful! plus supporting a good cause!
dice themselves are nicely colored, good font for numbers (easy to read), and satisfyingly weighted when rolled.

Neuwürfe – Recycelte Würfel

Neuwürfe – Recycelte Würfel


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