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What are Rerolls?

Simply stated, Rerolls are recycled dice! During our acrylic dice manufacturing process, plastic is injected into a mold and comes out on a ‘Runner,’ a flat sheet that connects all of the dice. The dice are then pulled off, and move on to painting and polishing. This leaves quite a bit of leftover plastic, which we collect and recycle into our Reroll dice. 

By recycling these extra bits of plastic into something new, we hope to give Rerolls a second chance at critical success.

Why Make Recycled Dice?

There is a lot of potential for waste in plastic manufacturing, and we are dedicated to limiting that as much as possible! We recognize the threats of overproduction and the impact that has on climate change. We want to do our part, and believe that every bit helps. 

A Vehicle for Positive Change

Due to their unique qualities, Rerolls present a special opportunity for Die Hard Dice to facilitate an increased number of charitable projects. Rerolls, as a product and an idea, are entirely intended to serve as another way for our community to make a difference— both within the TTRPG space, and the world at large. 

We intend to take advantage of this opportunity by launching a two-part plan we are coining, the Reroll Initiative.

  1. With every purchase at our store, no matter what dollar amount you spend, a full 7pc RPG set of Rerolls will be donated to MagiKids, a charity dedicated to supplying school programs and clubs with the supplies they need to play Magic: the Gathering. If you would like to learn more about MagiKids, what they do, and how you can help, click here. 

  2. Quarterly, Die Hard Dice will choose another charity. For the duration of the quarter, 50% of all Rerolls proceeds will go directly to that chosen charity. 

This quarter, our chosen charity is the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. To learn more about this charity, why we have chosen it, and what you can do to help, click here, or visit:

Who Came Up With Rerolls?

From the very beginning, Die Hard Dice’s owners, Todd and Jessie, have been looking for a way to reuse the plastic left behind by our polymer dice manufacturing process. 

On a tour of the different dice factories in China, they saw the leftover runners, and asked if they could be recycled into new dice. At the time, the answer was no. Jessie, however, does not give up easily. After time, research, and new partnerships, we finally found a process for recycling plastic waste into new dice. 

As the beating heart of Die Hard Dice, Jessie has always prioritized our charitable donations, relationships, and collaborations. Her kindness and strength guides our compass, and is the driving force behind the Reroll initiative. 

Dice on Runners

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