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For every purchase made on our site, Die Hard Dice will donate one set of Rerolls - Recycled Dice to MagiKids.

What is Magikids?

MagiKids is an educational charity run by Weirdcards, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit social club with a smiple mission: Support the intellectual health of young adults with Magic: The Gathering.

Why Magic: The Gathering?

Magic provides an engaging way to build skills important to young students! Critical thinking, math, and reading are all skills used and strengthened while playing the game! Magic also encourages socialization and engagement. At many MagiKids-sponsored groups, there is not a phone in sight. The MagiKids curriculum encourages kids to engage with the game in a way that keeps them learning, solidifies friendships, develops vital social skills, and centralizes fun. 

How Does MagiKids Accomplish This?

MagiKids collects unwanted Magic cards, deck boxes, sleeves, dice, and other accessories, and combines these to provide curated kits to teachers and mentors all over the country. In every kit, mentors also receive a number of teaching resources— from quick-reference cards for the kids, to information on the MagiKids Sort, Build, Play curriculum. 

If you would like to learn more about MagiKids, how you can donate directly, or want to submit a nomination for a club near you, click the link below.

"It's not enough to say you love it..."

"Love is an action word. I want people to act on the love for their game, not just love the game."

-Jason Egginton, Weirdcards President & Founder

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