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The Reroll Initiative

Rerolls are made using repurposed extra bits of plastic left behind in the standard polymer dice manufacturing process. By repurposing this extraneous material, we hope to give this plastic another chance at critical success. 

Every quarter, Die Hard Dice will choose a charity. For the duration of the quarter, 50% of all Rerolls proceeds will go directly to that chosen charity, in hopes of allowing these recycled dice to become a vehicle for change. We hope that as a community we can impact positive change; not only in the TTRPG space, but in the world at large.

This quarter, we have chosen the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.


The PCRF aims to address the urgent humanitarian needs and support long-term recovery efforts in Gaza. The funds raised will primarily focus on immediate relief, including providing essential medical supplies, food, medical treatment, clean water, and other necessities for families affected by the conflict. Additionally, our campaign will support rebuilding healthcare facilities and providing long-term support through impactful programs and projects to support the needs of children and the health sector in Gaza. It will also allocate resources towards trauma counseling, mental health support, and other initiatives for children affected by the conflict, aiming to foster healing and resilience within the community. 

To learn more, or donate directly, please visit:

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