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"Sometimes you have to be bold, be fierce, and be unapologetically loud. The Forte dice set is for those who wish to be the loudest they can be, whether it's in a D&D campaign or in life as we know it."

-Omega Jones, the Critical Bard

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The Voice of Forte

Omega Jones, known to the community as the Critical Bard, lives his life loudly every single day. Being a bard, his first love is the arts. A professional actor and vocalist by day, he seeks to inspire and lift others up, becoming a light for those in this chaotic world. 

Most recently, he can be heard as the opening & ending jingle artist for Critter Hug, a new monthly show produced by Critical Role. He also is the host, moderator, & creator of the #BLACKAFRoundtable, a series of discussions & table talks in which black creators come together to chat about the reality of racism within the tabletop & gaming communities!

To him, being a bard means coming forward & uplifting the community around you. It means being loud when no one else can & becoming the voice that the world needs. He wanted the Forte dice to not only reflect the boldness & mystery of a bard, but to be eye-popping and grab your attention.

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RE-INKING WARNING: These dice are not made to be re-inked. If you want to ink your own set, purchase the Project Dice: Forte Undeclared here.