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Important Dice Inking Information

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Critical Information

Do not de-ink or clean acrylic dice by soaking them in Isopropyl Alcohol or any other alcohol based solution.  Exposure to alcohol can crack your acrylic dice.  Though there are many types of acrylics, and some may be less vulnerable, as a general rule we highly recommend avoiding alcohol baths for any acrylic dice.

Starting Supplies

It doesn't have to be fancy

Paper towels or microfiber cloth

Paintbrush or toothpick

Paper plate or paint pallet

Your choice of paint (acrylic, hobby, paint pen



Color Theory

Accentuate subtle die colors or change the look entirely

The same dice set can look very different when you change up the ink color. Consider your favorite aspect of the dice you want to highlight.

Time to Ink!

Here is a quick video tutorial we made that shows just how simple it can be to customize your own dice!

Community Gallery

Share your creations with us using #inkmyDHD




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