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The Die Hard Dice Backstory

At the age of nine I embarked on my first epic adventure playing a custom roleplaying game created by a friend called Ninjas of Fire. From that point forward my childhood was an exciting blur of roleplaying systems, collectible card games, and tabletop war games.

Over time, however, I “grew up.” The next 15 years brought marriage, children, and a career. One day I stumbled upon a set of metal dice online. The dice were a blend of soft curves, sharp edges, and a satin nickel plating that made them feel both familiar and exotic at the same time. A wave of nostalgia rushed over me, bringing a sense of wonder I hadn’t felt since I was younger, when my days were spent gaming with friends.

I started listening to tabletop RPG podcasts, making foam weapons with my young children, and painting miniatures with my wife, Jessie, despite neither of us playing any tabletop roleplaying games. Through all of this, I wondered if others might enjoy metal dice as much as I did.

When I pitched the idea of starting a dice company to Jessie — for reasons neither of us can explain — she agreed, and in 2015, Die Hard Dice was born. I learned Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to create new dice designs and Jessie became an expert with metal dice inlays.

Propelled by creative designs, a dedication to the happiness of our customers, and an investment by my brother, Paul, the company grew to fill our bedroom closet, then our guest bedroom, and finally our master bedroom.

The company’s success eventually forced us to choose between the comfort of predictable careers and the adventure of growing Die Hard Dice full-time. In 2017, we chose the unknown path and leased a warehouse. Our first employee was Chris, my childhood GM, and the creator of Ninjas of Fire.

Since then our adventuring party has grown and Die Hard Dice has undergone many changes. There have of course been ups and downs, but our original quest continues. We seek to make the most thoughtfully designed products and to be the shopkeeper that every adventurer looks forward to seeing again.

This is the story of how I got here, but every one of our team members has their own story to tell. You can learn more about them here!

Todd Tiemann
Founder & Co-Owner

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