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Partners and Projects

We've been fortunate to not only be surrounded by amazing artists and creators, but also to be lucky enough to work with some of them on fun and exciting projects! Here are some of the fun things we've been involved with over the years!

If you are interested in having Die Hard Dice help on your own project, reach out to us!

Dice, Bags, & Dice Scrolls

Critical Role

We've had the honor of designing and manufacturing products for three separate projects with Critical Role.

  • Vox Machina Character Dice
  • Fortune's Favor Spell Scroll
  • Mighty Nein Character Dice

More information below!

Vox Machina Character Dice

This was our first project with Critical Role, and included 8 unique styles using our signature font and a character-specific logo on the 20 face of the d20. Many of these designs were thought up by Jessie, our original Alchemist! Her personal favorite is Keyleth's set, pictured above.

Get them at Critical Role

Fortune's Favor Dice Scroll

The Fortune's Favor Dice Scroll is a customized version of our original Dual Scroll design with customized art by the Critical Role team. It is no longer in production, but you can still find some second-hand if you're lucky!

Mighty Nein Character Dice

The Mighty Nein sets followed the same format as the Vox Machina sets that came before them. Each features our signature font, custom 20 face, and a synthetic leather bag with CR charm on the string. Most were designed by Jessie, but Mich also helped with two sets!

Get them at Critical Role

Polymer Dice & Dice Bags

The Adventure Zone

These projects are special for a few different reasons. First, they are collaborations between DFTBA, Evewynn's Workshop, The McElroys, and Die Hard Dice. Secondly, The Adventure Zone was the first D&D Podcast that Todd started listening to as he was being reconverted to gaming.

Bureau of Balance Dice

Designed by Evewynn's Workshop and translated for production by Jessie, the Bureau of Balance set crackles with magical energy that is bested only by the magic you'll feel from listening to season 1 of The Adventure Zone. Seriously, go listen!

Buy From The Merch Squad

Amnesty "Flamebright" Dice

We were ecstatic to have another chance at this unique relationship and this time, Mich took the lead on translating the Evewynn's original design into a version that we could manufacture. This set represents the Flamebright Pendant from the TAZ Amnesty series.

Buy From The Merch Squad

Horizon Dice & Metal Set

Dwarven Forge

Our friendship with Dwarven Forge runs deep, and almost as long as the company has existed. In the earliest days of Die Hard Dice, Todd remembers packing orders late into the night, watching The Dwarvenaut, a documentary on Netflix about Dwarven Forge. He also clearly remembers the shock and giddy excitement he felt a year later when he was asked if Die Hard Dice would be interested in making dice to go along with one of their kickstarters. We've since worked on multiple projects, and hope for many more to come.

Dwarven Forge d20

Our first project was a custom d20 that was a part of a social media stretch goal. It features a custom font and logo with a riveted style and a pop of purple on the 20 face to match look of the Dwarvenite of lore.

Dwarven Forge Full Set

You can't just have one! When we saw how cool the custom Dwarven Forge d20 was, we knew it had to be extended to a full set. Although this set is no longer in production... maybe it would be best to keep an eye out.

Horizon Dice

Dwarven Forge asked for something extra special for their Wildlands Kickstarter that could match the biomes featured in the Kickstarter. We went to the drawing board, and designed a line of Dire d20s that have a contiguous scene that stretches along the center line.

Forest Horizon d20

Buy from Dwarven Forge

Mountains Horizon d20

Buy from Dwarven Forge

Swamp Horizon d20

Buy from Dwarven Forge

Metal Dice: The Odyssey Experience

Dungeons and Daddies

Dungeons and Daddies is a rowdy, horny, violent podcast for grownups, and despite the name, it's only occasionally a BDSM podcast (see episode 11.5)! It also happens to be hugely popular among our employees, and we couldn't have been more excited when they reached out to talk about making a custom 8-piece dice for season 1 of the podcast!

Polymer Dice

Ginny Di

Ginny Di is an talented youtuber, singer, and cosplayer. With a variety of characters and personas, she creates insightful, fun, and downright hilarious content for the roleplaying and gaming community.

We were incredibly fortunate to be able to help Ginny Di design and produce a set of dice that matched the cover of her 2023 pinup calendar.

Custom Metal d20s

Corvus Belli

Corvus Belli is a renowned Spanish company specializing in the design, production, and distribution of tabletop games.

Their flagship game, Infinity, is an award-winning tabletop miniature wargame set in the distant future where powerful factions vie for dominance across the universe. It features an innovative approach to turn-based combat, and masterfully sculpted miniatures.

Through a licensing partnership, we were able to create a custom d20 to match each of the nine core factions of Infinity.

Custom metal d6 and dice tray

Dice Throne

Dice Throne is an exhilarating tabletop game that combines strategy, luck, and thrilling dice rolling mechanics. In this epic battle for dominance, players assume the roles of powerful heroes, each with their own unique abilities and play styles, as they engage in head-to-head combat.

We worked with Dice Throne to design custom metal dice and a folding magnetic tray for their Kramus vs. Santa Kickstarter in 2022.

Custom Santa d6

Custom Dice Throne Tray

Custom Krampus d6

Custom Metal Dice Sets

Storm Forged

When darkness strikes with Burden’s Plight
When all Hope fails, and loses Form
Remember then, our Keeper’s Might
That you were Forged within the Storm.

Storm Forged Dice are a custom line of meticulously designed dice that came to life through a close partnership between Die Hard Dice and Jake Stormoen, the brilliant actor and director with heart of geek.

Storm Forged Dice Lines

Each line of Storm Forged dice were carefully planned out by Jake, with poems for each dice line and individual style of dice, weaving a tapestry of lore that elevates each line to more than just beautiful dice.

Unearthed Dice Line

From hidden vale to highest peak,
Kept locked away for endless days
Relics lost, now heroes seek
Securing verse in Bardic praise.

See all Unearthed Styles

Gilded Ruin Dice Line

No humans from corruption flee
Nor power-hungry thoughts evade,
As history repeats its plea
And darkness spreads eternal shade.

See all Gilded Ruin Styles

Mages Guild Dice Line

In studies flush with arcane tomes
through day and night they train.
Magi who have left their homes
to master their domain.

See all Mages Guild Styles

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