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23,000+ Five Star Reviews - Lifetime Guarantee

What Customers are Saying

All of us at Die Hard Dice are dedicated to making each customer experience memorable and noteworthy.

  • Chris M.

    Fantastic dice, fantastic company

    The dice I ordered are top notch, absolutely great. The dire d20 inspires emotions in my players. But more than that, I felt like my business meant something to Die Hard Dice. I received a personalized postcard and comments on what I had said during the purchase process, recommending games and giving high praise to my choices.

    Get your dice from here. You will not regret it

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  • Anya M.

    "I purchased this and a few other dice sets and I cannot say enough how happy I am with my experience! The dice are all gorgeous and of excellent quality, as they always have been whenever I have ordered from here! And of course the customer service is incredible, this is definitely my favorite company to buy from, hands down!"

    Shop Elessia
  • Mike

    "In a word, Perfect.

    This set (and all of the others that I've ordered from DHD) have met and exceeded all expectations. They have a nice weight to them and roll well. They can be (depending on the lighting) a bit hard to read with the gold and orange, but that issue was solved by adjusting the lighting.

    Whenever I'd order from them the dice were all shipped and delivered in a timely manner ... Customer Service here is the absolute best that I've ever dealt with."

    Shop Mythica
  • Jim A.


    Not only does this feel amazing in the hand (rolling 2 Dire20's is SO good), it also rolls very well and is the top contender for "easiest die to read at a glance". I can read this thing from across the room and I'm in dire (get it?) need of a full set!

    Top tier.
    10/10 would buy again."

    Shop Lumina
  • Hubert Ł.

    Beautiful and shiny colors.

    The dice are really great quality. They look beautiful when the light shines at them, there's much more color than just black and green!

    Shop All Polymer
  • Steven

    Really nice dice!

    I bought these to have something different in my dice bag but also to show my support to a friend who is LGBT. I mentioned this when I placed the order. When they arrived I found that DieHard had thrown in a second set of dice and a really nice bag. I checked my receipt and found someone had wrote a message on it thanking me for showing support to the LGBT community. Die Hard, you guys are awesome! I will be ordering more in the future.

    Shop Rainbows
  • Elisa P.

    Nice and perfect

    The dice are gorgeous, and they also kindly sent me a metal dice, a velvet dice bag and a cute card for Christmas. Shipping time were ok since I'm from Italy, took 3 about weeks. Absolutely recommended!

    Shop Moonstone
Read 24,000+ Reviews!

Recycled Plastic with a Purpose

Rerolls - Recycled Dice!

Rerolls are recycled dice with a purpose! A lot of plastic is left behind in the acrylic dice making process, and that has never sat well with us. It took time and research, but we’ve finally found a means to recycle that plastic into something new.

We take these extra bits of plastic and turn them into something that makes our world a better place. Half of all proceeds from these dice will go toward a new charity every fiscal quarter.

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We've made gear in support of kickstarters like Dice Throne, Mistborn, and Dwarven Forge and Kids on Bikes 2.

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