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Meet the Die Hard Dice Team

Picture of a long-haired man holding a twenty sided die in his outstretched hand in an offering gesture.  Key statistics are listed below as: Healthy Skepticism 18, Enginering 16, Memory 8

Castle Overseer, Artificer

Todd Tiemann

When not attending to the finer details of running a castle, Todd can be found at his workbench, buried in experiments, tests, and samples.  One could recreate much Die Hard Dice history by sorting the trinkets that call his workbench home.

Todd has been growing his hair out since the construction of Castle Die Hard.  Some within the castle jest that he has a pact with a long-haired patron that he’s sworn fealty to.  That’s not true of course. His pragmatic nature precludes him from believing in such silliness.  Todd is also afraid to cut his hair.

"Wait, what is a color council?"

Picture of a man with short dark hair holding a sword in one hand and flames coming out of his other hand.   Key statistics are listed below as: Great Ideas 18, Great Explanations 9, Idle Distractions 15

Product Development, Warlock

Chris Call

Can most often be found weaving devious incantations and designs.  He leads the Color Council - a dangerous cabal of spellcasters determined to conquer the Western Reach of the Dicelands.  

When not being finicky over how striking his spells look, he enjoys calligraphy, video games, and helping fellow gamemasters brainstorm for their home games.  He's been told he may be cross classed as a Bard, as he enjoys being a support caster.    

He is ever hopeful that Lego will re-release the Heroica line and is constantly disappointed.

"Promoted on the Color Council!"

Picture of a woman with long pink hair holding a paint brush with paint smudges on her face.  Key statistics are listed below as: Optimistic Chaos 14, Greater Empathy 16, Voice Volume 18

Customer Care, Product Design, Bard


Deep within a nest of pigments and pencils she plots her rise from Chrommelier to Head of the Color Council.

Kynan's days are filled with notes and glitter, paint and emails. The chaos that fuels her whirlwind around the castle extends to her life outside the Keep. She spends her free time drawing, listening to podcasts, and playing video games.

TRADE DEAL:  Email photos of your pets - in exchange you will receive a favorite pantone of Kynan’s!

“Have a Legendary Day!”

Picture of a grinning woman holding a large, 100mm handmade d20.  Key statistics are listed below as: Alchemic Ingenuity 18, Teal Detection 14, Bullshit Detector 16

Product Development, Alchemical Artificer

Mich ‘The Golden Gorgon’

Mich is not your average artificer! When not sequestered in her laboratory, experimenting with tantalizingly alluring creations, she schemes her way up the ladder of the Color Council, waiting for the right moment to usurp the throne.

She’s also working on an audio drama, and creating a new character for this week's game.    

“Don’t mind the snake.  She’s mostly harmless.”

Picture of a long haired woman with a delicate silver crown on her head, looking off into the distance.  Key statistics are listed below as: Organization 15, Merchant Assist 16, Game Addiction 18

Business Relations and Customer Service Manager, Druid


She spends her hours assisting fine merchants with the collection of wares for their shops. However, she gets lost in conversation easily and ends up spending too much of her own coin on the magical artifacts she finds there. 

She can be found ranting to her canine familiar about The Lord of the Rings. She hopes to one day live far away from civilization, remaining only close enough to enjoy gaming with friends at the local tavern.


“I don’t have a good quote!”

Picture of a grinning woman with a background picture of the moon.  Key statistics are listed below as: Dice Forensics 18, Cat Wrangling 13, Cunning Sarcasm 16


From the shadows she comes to aid all those who might need her assistance! Tennessee is adept at listening to the whispers of merchant, adventurer, and castle goer alike in order to solve their ailments.

Weaving emails and crafting reports fills her days, but in the night she uses her time to read new books and learn more about the dark magic of Forensics.

"It'll be fine."

Picture of a man summoning tentacles out of a book he is holding.   Key statistics are listed below as: Curiosity 16, Bad Puns 18, Punctuality 10

Product Specialist, Monk


Nate is a powerful chronomancer, determined to bring order to the Western Reaches. Something of a new player in the Dicelands, he’s begun working with the Color Council to make certain their designs and machinations are brought to fruition.

When he’s not lecturing on the immutability of time, he enjoys star-gazing, video games, and crafting new libraries of spells to duel his friends. 

Ever curious, he can often be found picking up new hobbies. 

Nate was recently cooled to absolute zero, but he’s 0K now.

“Journey before destination”

Picture of a smiling man holding a two-handed sword.  Key statistics are listed below as: Innately Talented 16,  Decisiveness 7, Attentive Ear 18

Warehouse Manager, Tech Priest


Seth marshals the forces of Castle Die Hard. When not overseeing shipments of armaments, he can be found wandering in the depths of the vaults, searching for forgotten relics, or serving as quartermaster, replenishing the food stores of our stronghold.

In quieter moments, Seth finds joy in painting intricate miniatures and honing his craft as a woodworker. He is often found seeking new adventures on tabletop, screen, or spending time with his loving wife and children.

"So, there's this boardgame on kickstarter..."

Fulfillment, Cleric-Ranger


Chad is actually an ancient dragon who recalls the Days of Twilight, having to fill in the faces of his dice with a crayon.   

A player of tabletop RPGs since the 80’s, he enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and playing games of all kinds.


"Ya hya chouhada Muad’Dib!"

Picture a mysterious hooded man wearing a face mask.  Key statistics are listed below as: Random Facts 18, Awareness 5, Colorful Language 14

Fulfillment, Moon Druid


Leader of the Copper Maw of the Ogres of Gur. Chronologist of the War against the Invasion of Earth. A scribe of tales and a  builder of worlds. A Nerd and knower of things. 

A History major who studied the Ghost Dance Religion in the 1890s before the Massacre at Wounded Knee.

Kadan loves getting lost in the Lovecraftian mythos… Will he ever be found?  Perhaps… but changed!


“So it begins…”

"Seriously, though. What is a color council?"

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