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Dice without a cause (please give them one!)

Celebrate dice-versity by getting your own band of crazy mixed up desperadoes. Each Die Hard Dice Renegade Set is a full 7-piece RPG set of random metal dice, but no two dice are from the same set.

Some of the dice may have been in some previous battles (b-grade, slight paint errors, etc) but they all know how to roll.

Renegade sets come with a Die Hard Dice metal case.

"I'm a loner, Dottie, a rebel." -- Pee-wee Herman


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Customer Reviews

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Renegade metal set has great variety

The set contains seven completely different metal rollers so you can see what each of the styles look like as individuals.


I love my renegade set. I've already told my friends they should get one of they've wanted a metal dice set and couldn't afford it. Quality of dice has been great, and only the D4 has very slight indentations on it. You guys are fantastic, and I will continue buying from you guys.

Great dice.

The renegade set was cool. Having a single color metal set would have been too monotonous for me, so it was a good option.

Absolutely the Best!!!

I have just got to say that the costumer service is WAY BETTER than any other place I have ever gone to. They make me feel so welcome and you know they appreciate every single costumer they get. The personalized cards are just so amazing and thoughtful. I still have all the ones from when I purchased before. Amazing costumer service is just something so rare in a consumer’s life. They also always deliver when it comes to the dice. They are just so beautifully made and the designs they have are just so amazing and diverse. This won’t be the last time you’ll be hearing from me because I’m gonna keep buying l!

Great value

Amazing dice, well balanced and I got a few from sets I wanted to buy!