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Ready for a new adventure?

become a die hard dicefiliate

Greetings adventurer!

It is from here that you embark on a journey to join the illustrious ranks of those at Castle Die Hard. We’ve worked hard to create a captivating program to help creators in our beloved TTRPG community grow and thrive using all of the magical resources we have!

Our program has several paths that range from fundraising for a specific goal (similar to our partnership with Extra Life) to revenue from product promotion (that you get to keep and play with!) to joint product creation with a Dire D20, Dice set, or something else inspired by you (where you receive a portion of revenue)! After you complete the application process, you may be accepted into one of these 3 tracks, and together, you and the keepers of Castle Die Hard will devise a plan to help you achieve your goal.

You can learn more about the application process by submitting the following pieces of information.

Your Name:

Name of your Platform/Organization:
Link to Your Platform/Organization:

Email Address:

What color Socks you have on:

Information collected should go to

Standard response to your email is 48 hours, but the review process, if you apply, will take 

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