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What is Dwarven Forge?

Dwarven Forge was founded in 1996 by artist Stefan Pokorny, a medieval fantasy devotee -- and an avid Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast. As a classically trained, professional painter and sculptor, Stefan knew that "real" dungeon terrain equal to his incredible 25mm tall hero figures would bring tabletop gaming alive as never before. His goal was to create gaming terrain that was beautiful, totally modular, fun and easy to use. After many months of painstaking design, sculpting and painting, he introduced the world's finest pre-painted miniature terrain.

Dwarven Forge + Die Hard Dice

Dwarven Forge is renowned in the gaming community for their modular dungeon tiles, commonly seen at GenCon and on shows such as Critical Role.
We've partnered with our good friends to create a custom d20 which was introduced in their fantastic Kickstarter, Caverns Deep! Featuring rivets and a dwarven anvil on the face of the 20, this set is perfect for your adventures in Valoria and beyond!