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When darkness strikes with Burden’s Plight

When all Hope fails, and loses Form

Remember then, our Keeper’s Might

That you were Forged within the Storm. 

We met Jake Stormoen through the most fortunate, random happenstance.  From the start he became one of our favorite people.  He might be the most genuine, down-to-earth person we've met, and we knew right away that we wanted to find a way to work with him.  

We couldn't have been more surprised and humbled to have him approach us about a collaboration first! His timing was perfect, as we had just finished up one project and were ready to start something new.  The stars were aligned and we were already on board, but Jake had one more gift for us. He explained that not only did he want metal dice, but that he wanted them to be truly unique.  These words are precisely what the artificers and alchemists of Castle Die Hard like to hear...

When Jake returned to the United States from filming season 2 of The Outpost, we sat down for multiple meetings to craft what would become the Storm Forged - Unearthed line of dice.  We created a font from scratch, added a stylized border, a unique six and nine indicator, and Jake's Storm Forged logo on the twenty face.  

The Storm Forged font was created from scratch to have the feel of arcane runes, lost to time.  We agonized over every curve, every notch, and every hook.  It features a unique cutout at the bottom of the nine and six as an orientation marker.  We could not be more proud of what Jake and our team created.

The Storm Forged Logo features the head of a dragon that is inspired by the figureheads of Norse ships as a nod to Jake's heritage.  The logo has the flow of an S and F, for Storm Forged.  The logo went through numerous iterations as we adjusted for both readability and style. 

We invite you to explore Unearthed and Gilded Ruin lines of dice under the Storm Forged brand by Jake Stormoen and Die Hard Dice.

From hidden vale to highest peak,

Kept locked away for endless days

Relics lost, now heroes seek

Securing verse in Bardic praise.


Past verdant limb and mossy pine

Where ferns grow tall, so legends say,

Continue then, past walls of vine

Where Magic reigns amongst the Fae.


Through tombs and crypts, for eons bare

Their secrets lost, of untold power

Hidden deep with utmost care

Revealed at last, come Witching Hour. 


All maps run dry, yet tides will rise

And stars shine light with danger fraught

When squalls split truth from grifters lies 

You’ll know you’ve found what sailors sought. 

No humans from corruption flee

Nor power-hungry thoughts evade,

As history repeats its plea

And darkness spreads eternal shade.

Kings of Gilded Ruin

As blood-red stones hide hidden truth

Against a crown from others slain,

With hollow words through sharpened tooth

Do not forget, from greed comes pain.

7pc RPG Set - Kings of Gilded Ruin

Queens of Gilded Ruin

Patience, child, for soon will pass

A time where Madness fails to see,

Through violet gaze and colored glass

My reign at last shall come to be.

7pc RPG Set - Queens of Gilded Ruin

Usurpers of Gilded Ruin

Usurpers reach in lying wait

From tarnished gold and silver hues.

An amber eye shall seize the gate;

A lineage will pay its dues

7pc RPG Set - Usurpers of Gilded Ruin

In studies flush with arcane tomes

through day and night they train.

Magi who have left their homes

to master their domain.


Pursuit of power or loss of kin,

The reason matters not.

Where others cry and seek the light

We sew new life from rot.

7pc RPG Set - Mages Guild - Necromancy


Thou has been warned of power raw;

Such warnings come at cost.

Yet one may tame Inferno’s Maw

And Arcane scrolls once lost.

7pc RPG Set - Mages Guild - Evocation


Heed my words, and heed them well,

For senses can deceive

Much of this world is but a shell

Yet many still believe.

7pc RPG Set - Mages Guild - Illusion


Though charlatans and grifters try,

A strong mind seeks no praise.

For out of nothing, some may pry

A trophy from the haze.

7pc RPG Set - Mages Guild - Conjuration

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