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Magnetic Square Tray - Red Velvet

Magnetic Square Tray - Red Velvet


• Easy to carry to games, easy to setup, small so it doesn't dominate your table!
• +9 against metal dice damage to wooden tables
• Quiets loud dice rolls on plastic tables
• Keeps dice from flying off the table or hitting your minis
• High quality materials, strong enough for metal dice
• 8.5 x 8.5 inch size when flat, perfect for smaller tables and tight spaces
• Fits easily into backpacks and folders
NEW Durable magnets ensure a perfect setup and seamless takedown without the hassle of snaps


This tray has sturdy side walls that you can roll against. We like to leave one wall down and side toss our dice into the tray at a low angle so they hit the back wall, kind of like a mini craps table.


Perfectly proportioned to fit our Pop-Up Dice Tower, players learn to fear the rumble of metal dice clattering down to spell the fate of each encounter.


8.5 inches x 8.5 inches when flat. Smaller but taller when transformed into "Dice Tray" mode.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Raven Makay
Works as intended

I love it, I had no problems with the tray, and excellent protection for the metal dice set that I also bought.

Daniel Tomlinson
Awesome, compact tray!

I picked one of these trays at my local game shop, and had to get another. They are the perfect size for my smaller game space. Best folding dice tray I’ve used. I love their simple clean design, no weird corners that stick out when folded, solid colors, premium feeling material that should last a long time. My only (minor) complaint is the logo in the center of the rolling surface makes it uneven and seems to catch a dice edge on occasion. I also prefer super clean designs, so if they ever made one without a logo, that would be my preference

It's great

I've used for every game I've played since I got it, and can be folded and tucked away when not in use. The magnets also stay together quite well.

Tamás Szalmási

Magnetic Square Tray - Red Velvet

julian beck
Excellent customer service

I recently received an order containing 2 magnetic dice trays, a set of polymer dice and 2 metal D20s. All products were great quality, and on top of that, Die Hard threw in so many freebies! 2 metal dice and a complete polymer set that perfectly matched what I had already ordered. I was honestly blown away by the hand picked goodies, its an extra mile that makes me feel valued as a customer. Lots of love to those of you at Die Hard Dice.