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Dire d20 - Drakona Embers Nali

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Embers Nali Dragon

Born from violent combustions, Embers Dragons' ash-speckled scales make them distinguished from other dragons. Each of the Embers Dragons bear these markings and reign over their respective territories: Inra of the seas, birthed by hydrothermal vents, Nali of the flame, hatched in molten rock, Bacu of earth, born of  explosive decaying flora, Sein of the skies, sprung forth from lightning, and Cazn of the rift, violently derived from the tearing of space and time...

Due to their nomadic nature, Nali dragons developed a unique, if not risky, method for nesting; rather than establishing a lair for their egg, the pair will carry it clutched firmly in their claws as they fly. Both parents will trade off this duty to allow their mate to hunt or do battle with other dragons, though the smaller of the partners is most frequently seen hauling their mottled egg. This behavioral adaptation is put to the ultimate test when the time comes to trigger the egg's hatching by bathing it in the molten rock that rains down from an erupting volcano.


 Black plating with detailed dragonscale inlay with two-tone color of red and orange featuring black 'ember' speckles creating a unique set
 Oversized with excellent heft, and authoritative feel when rolling
• Mythica dice corners are softened for beauty, improve rolling, and kindness to tables
• Solid metal dice, die-cast non-toxic Zinc alloy
• Single Dire d20 die

Available in an 11-piece set, 7-piece set, Dire d20, and single d6!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jacob Wagensomer
Die Hard Dice reign supreme!

Got this dire d20 (along with a few others) for Christmas this year and DHD continues to put out some of the best looking, well crafted dice. This thing is not only a hefty beast of a die, but the drakona pattern looks phenomenal. I'd recommend DHD product every chance I get.

Mary Jane Watkins
Impressive and Detailed

The photo listings are accurate in terms of color and dimension. The scale details look great in person- the light catches on the different angles and diffuses across the inlay in a really nice effect. If you pick one up, wobble or roll it a little in the palm of your hand and you'll see what I mean. If you need a dice to emphasize disastrous fire damage, this should be your first choice. You know that this dice will be heavy, but you really need to roll it to understand. It *will* punctuate your combat. It's theatric in the best way. It's drama... it's camp... what else can I say.

Nathan Jackson
Above and Beyond service

I adore the oversized metal D20’s! I bought several for my friends who started DM’ing and they might be the favorites in their collection. Lots of great selection and the customer service is top notch.
When I wanted to exchange a die, they sent me the replacement along with the return label, totally trusting me to send the original back.

This will be the first place I return when I need new dice.

Die Hard Dice ROCKS!!

Great quality of Dice - I LOVE my order and it arrived very safely. Fantastic communication and personal touch too. Thoroughly recommended!

Table Breaker

A true monster of a dice that looks and feels great to roll on your table. The sound it makes thundering across our group's rolling mat is always a satisfying one.

Dire d20 - Drakona Embers Nali

Dire d20 - Drakona Embers Nali

Regular price   $16.95 Sale price   $14.95

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