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Dire animals are larger, tougher, meaner versions of ordinary animals. Each kind tends to have a feral, prehistoric, or even demonic appearance.

- D&D 3.5 Monster Manual

Dire d20s are a larger, 25mm version of our Mythica d20s. All the beauty of our Mythica line, just bigger!


Tastefully oversized for a excellent heft, and and authoritative feel when rolling
• Solid metal dice, die-cast non-toxic Zinc alloy
• Electroplated with a Dark Iron finish
• Raw and unpainted, as the Maker intended


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fantastic dice!

They're sturdy, the case is nice and I've been very happy rolling these. The customer service was fantastic as well!

I've also been rolling natural 20s like crazy rolling with them!

It's a chonky boy!

This thing looks and feels great! Heavy as hell and excellent roll quality. Will be using it for every huge decision making roles that need to be made in the future.

This dice is suited as the center piece of a set!

At first I wanted to get a full set of Mythica Dark Iron, but this dice is so stark and stoic in my opinion it serves as a mighty d20 of fate as a player or a DM.

I feel every dice set has a tale to tell, and this dice clearly looks like it has a tale to tell before you even roll it! When I received the die, I immediately thought of a dice-centric weapon; the Sword of Fate. It looks and feels like the Dire Dark Iron D20 - but when you roll it, becomes a sword! The rest if up for your imagination!

It's amazing, the weight feels great, and it feels awesome to hold in your hand. The more you roll it and hold it, the warmer it gets, too :) So you can 'warm up your dice' with this one!

A beautiful monster of a die

My girlfriend got me this for my birthday, after hearing that I liked her Dark Iron d6 so much. It feels incredibly hefty, rolls excellently, and the numbers are perfectly visible against the dark interior. I don't even want to roll my plastic d20s anymore -- they feel so lifeless in comparison.
I'll be using this monster for the important death saving throws and boss enemies that tear my players to shreds.

If you're getting this for a birthday gift, be sure to let Die Hard Dice know. They have their ways of making things a little special ;)

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