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Electrum dragons value their solitude.  They're secretive and mysterious due to being hunted for their golden scales, which scintillate with arcane power.  Unlike chromatic dragons, which hunt for malevolent sport, electrum dragons are watchers, carefully observing trespassers before choosing to act.  The Alydian Dragonflight consisted entirely of electrum dragons and safeguarded the northern sapphire spires against the hordes of the sorcerer-kings during the second age.  Sighting one now is a rare thing - and considered an immeasurably good omen.


Gold plating with a battleworn, detailed dragonscale inlay 
 Excellent heft, and authoritative feel when rolling
• Mythica dice corners are softened for beauty, improve rolling, and kindness to tables
• Solid metal dice, die-cast non-toxic Zinc alloy
Single Dire d20 die (25mm)

Also Available in: 11 piece set, 7 piece setsingle d20single d10, and single d6! Learn more about the entire Drakona family here!


All our metal sets come with a protective case.


Dire d20 - Mythica Battleworn GoldDire d20 - Mythica Battleworn Gold
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cat Webling
Fantastic Present

Bought it for my boyfriend for Christmas because it reminded me of a character of his. He loved it! It's beautiful, weighty, and super fun to roll.

Joey D
Fantastic Quality Dice, Awesome Company

Love the quality of these dice. Hefty and roll well. I really like them as does my wife and the rest of the table. Will buy again.

David DeLara
Love love love!!!

It's got a great design and it is lovely to hold and roll. I thoroughly enjoy using this die for dramatic moments!

Heather Biggs

Drakona Eldric Electrum - Dire d20

Andy Miles
These are by far the best quality dice i have ever owned!

I first ordered a small set of dice to try out and to be able to see and experience firsthand. In that first order, this company added some really amazing dice to my order for free! After getting to play with and feel these dice, they are by far the best dice I have ever seen! They have the most detail that I have ever seen, and they are crafted with pride. I have ordered many dice sets from other companies that have come damaged or had major blemishes on them. But, Die Hard Dice has come through with perfect dice twice in a row! I have now ordered a couple full sets and a bunch of extra d20's to use with everything from D&D to Magic the Gathering! I sort of collect all kinds of dice from all over the place. I have metal dice sets from different Comic-Con events and way too many sets from all over the internet. Die Hard Dice has made dice that outshine every set I own. The Drakona series is so detailed and amazing, I own 10 Drakona D20s and one of their amazing Drakona D&D sets. I’m already pondering getting another Drakona 11-piece set. These dice will last a lifetime! Thank You Die Hard Dice!