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Dire d20 - Drakona Khaos Aether

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Khaos Aether

The Bringer of Light, Aether, calls home the frigid polar realms where the cosmos touch closest. Guarding a frozen tower, Aether finds material power in the cosmos beyond her earthly domain. Valuing cosmic knowledge and community, she passionately preserves magically imbued items and scrolls within her tower. 

Dire d20s are a larger, 25mm version of our Mythica d20s. All the beauty of our Mythica line, just bigger!


 Silver plating with detailed dragonscale inlay with anodized rainbow color, making each color pattern unique
 Excellent heft and authoritative feel when rolling
• Mythica dice corners are softened for beauty, improved rolling, and kindness to tables
• Solid metal dice, die-cast non-toxic Zinc alloy.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Will order again

Thank you for the geart gear

Long live the gay dragon

A glorious dice, the colours are fantastic and highlighted by the dragon scales. Love the weight and feel of it.


The D20 is gorgeous and pretty heavy. The scales on it only have the slightest textured feel to them, and mostly it just feels smooth. The biggest thing I like about it though is how nice it feels to roll. Previous plastic dice I've used have felt like they bounce or slide sometimes, and that doesn't feel as 'random' as I would sometimes like, but this one rolls very consistently. Additionally I roll it on the end of a very large mousepad, and if it rolled off it feels like it might even damage something (probably just in my head), but it is actually remarkably easy to roll it a consistent distance. Overall I'm very happy with the purchase and hope the metal set I have my eye on comes back in stock!

Michael Taylor

The craftsmanship and feel the dice is exquisite. I'll definitely be ordering more. Thank you!

Jonathan Veit
Cool Dice

Overall the detail on the dice is great! Would have liked a little more color, but it goes with the dragon theme.

Dire d20 - Drakona Khaos Aether

Dire d20 - Drakona Khaos Aether

Regular price   $16.95 Sale price   $14.95

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