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Introducing our newest Scroll of Rolling, featuring artwork by the fantastic Deven Rue!

The Dual Scroll of Rolling is a portable hybrid of a rolling tray and dice storage in one snazzy package. The smaller zippered pouch can hold 2 full 7-piece dice sets and comes with a removable foam to help keep your dice padded and cozy. The larger zippered pouch has 3 plastic containers to store dice or minis. When not in use, the scroll is rolled up and secured with two straps, ready to await your next adventure!


• Printed with artwork by Deven Rue
• Smaller storage compartment holds 2 metal dice sets (includes foam insert)
• Larger storage compartment comes with 3 clear storage tubes that can hold dice or minis
• Compact when rolled up for easy transportation and storage
• Easily fits in a backpack


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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Wonderful space to roll!

I really appreciate all the detail and effort that went into this Dual Scroll of Rolling! From the beautiful art by the awesome Deven Rue to the containers in the large side to hold sets of dice.

I definitely recommend grabbing the box also. It's very high quality and is nice for storage (especially in a very dusty place).

Absolutely amazing

I love my new scroll of rolling. It's so nice and the quality is very good. The extra Christmas dice I received along with the rest of my order just made it THAT much better. The greatest gift I've ever given myself. Thank you!

Beautiful and useful

The scroll itself without the artwork is lovely, the amazing art makes it even better.
It shipped quickly and customer service is always amazing with Dieharddice.
The handwritten note included with my order is such a nice touch and one of the many reasons I'll continue to support Dieharddice. 💙

Best Christmas Gift of the Year

When the Dual Scrolls of Rolling came out, I ran to tell my dad I wanted one desperately - specifically the Queen's Treasure one. Three sets of dice, and a rolling mat, and a gorgeous prop? It seemed too good to be true! I was sure there'd be no time for him to get it to Alaska. Then the last gift I opened on Christmas was this very item.

I was absolutely blown away by the quality and aesthetic appeal of the scroll! It's supple but sturdy, gorgeously printed, held together with strong magnets that only come off when you want them to, like some kind of elven rope.

No product is perfect! Two of the three little canisters that hold acrylic dice or miniatures are a bit on the small side, though with some shaking they will in fact fit your polymer sets and a few of MOST minis, just not my Aasimar Paladin with wings spread wide. The foam in the precious dice side isn't quite long enough to fit the entire scroll-end, but it will safely and securely hold your darlings - probably a full 11-piece set of darlings, too!

Oh, and the 'rolling' bit? Don't worry at all. It may seem flimsy compared to traditional dice trays when unrolled, but the padding is impressive, and it kept my beloved Blue Sandstone dice safe and sound.

All in all, I'm absolutely smitten. I'll never game without this bad boy!

A prize worthy of an adventurer

I was looking for a dice tray that was easy to transport. Sure I have a lovely handcrafted wooden tray, but it doesnt travel easily. And when lugging books to and from a game you need a little ease.

This mat is gorgeous, the tactile feel of unrolling your scroll, and the convenient storage, make this all the better. I find myself sliding it through my belt for ease of carrying, and totally not to be a nerd pretending to be an explorer in a magical realm!

I have use it with my metal dice, and also my regular dice, and it works well, no damage to dice or table. The real test was at a Adventurers League night, and a fellow i was at the table with had gemstone dice.

To explain this part of the review I must explain why, despite my certified gremlin status over dice, i don't buy stone or gem dice. They would be far to easy to damage when rolling. They are gorgeous but I like dice I can use.

So that said, I offered the fellow sitting next to me to use my scroll to roll on if he wanted to use his fancy new dice. He accepted, and rolled. And the soft texture prevented any scratches or chips to the stone.

If you like dice, trays, or just a really gorgeous prop, this Scroll of Rolling will suit you.