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M.Y.A.R.W.A - Nerd Circus x Die Hard Dice


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You’re in the heat of battle against the terrible Grontok, from the lesser plane of Fzzzzt. This is the moment that could seal the fate of your party! It’s your turn, you weigh your choices wisely. Aha! You have an inspiration token! You spend it to ROLL WITH ADVANTAGE! You want to make this moment as special as it feels, so reach for two gorgeous D20s and roll those dice…


That’s where Todd Stashwick’s Nerd Circus comes in! In collaboration with Die Hard Dice we have crafted a fun package just for this moment! A set of two gorgeous, rock and roll, chonkers. Heavy, metal, orange and  purple. Glistening with a golden plating, to remind you of the spoils of victory! When not rolling they patiently wait in this sweet retro orange velvet bag with a silky purple satin lining, always ready to be called into the game. 


But wait there’s more! These phantasmic dice are split down the middle with a magnet, so if you are feeling funky and want to mix up the juju you can clack them together and have one side orange and the other side purple! Can you dig it? I knew that you could. 

We are also throwing in a sticker because stickers are cool. Grab your set now. Rock on, you beautiful gamer, and May You Always Roll with Advantage!



• Two halves combine magnetically to make one whole dire D20
• Mix and match with other MultiClass dice colors
• Oversized with excellent heft and authoritative feel when rolling
• Solid metal dice, die-cast non-toxic Zinc alloy
• Electroplated with gold finish
• Each face is hand painted
• These dice are UV reactive
• Includes two MultiClass dire D20s, a sticker, and a satin-lined orange velvet bag printed with the official logo of Nerd Circus


Secure and sturdy, the MultiClass Dire D20 dice split into a 20-facing half (A Side) and a 1-facing half (B Side). Our design plus the magnets on each half help maintain the whole dice form while rolling! Mix any A Side half with any B Side half for an assortment of color combinations that match your characters!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

These dice are extremely high quality.

Dyllan Natschke
M.Y.A.R.W.A Dice are incredible

Absolutely love these dice and the bag. By far my new favorite and were a huge hit at the table!! Thanks Captain 🖖


I absolutely love these dice. They're chonky, interchangable, and so chonky one could probably commit murder with them. Love the fuzzy dice bag too.

Claudia Tröger
Great set!

I love this set. The colors of the dice are great and they look amazing under UV light. The bag with the Nerd Circus logo also turned out really great.

Dane Menges
Advantage Achieved!

I got this set recommended by Todd “Captain No” Stashwick and when it arrived, it had an awesome dice bag, and the dice themselves were nice and weighty and rolled smoothly. They just look and feel excellent. The best part was pulling then apart and splicing them together. I kept one for myself and gave the other to my wife (my favorite color is orange, hers is purple) so spliced dice were a complementary pair for when we game together as a couple. We rolled them that very night in our Dragonlance game and they delivered some big wins! I have to say, I think this is the best dice purchase I’ve ever made!

M.Y.A.R.W.A - Nerd Circus x Die Hard Dice

M.Y.A.R.W.A - Nerd Circus x Die Hard Dice


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