Magnetic Pop-Up Dice Tower

Magnetic Pop-Up Dice Tower
Our newest innovation in portable gaming is here.



• Easy to carry to games, easy to setup, small so it doesn't dominate your table!
• Keeps dice from flying off the table or hitting your minis
• Has internal ramps to help randomize rolls
• High quality materials (PU Leather, Velvet), strong enough for metal dice
• Fits easily into backpacks
• Fits snugly into our square and rectangle trays, while also working in our hex trays!
• Magnets keep the tower held together until you're ready to store it


Metal Case - Black

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Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Great and innovative space saver

This dice tower folds up nice and flat, making storage super easy—it’s a great, subtle, and quiet addition to the table!

Jennifer Nguyen

Magnetic Pop-Up Dice Tower

Peter Wilson

Magnetic Pop-Up Dice Tower

Zack Eager
A great buy

The magnets hold the tower up really well, and when folded it fits perfectly in my bag for sessions. Plus, and though it may be a placebo effect, I feel like I roll better using it. And it can sustain the weight of several metal dice being rolled down it's slopes. It's served me well so far, and for those who like to roll in towers and trays, I would highly recommend it.

Guillaume Foehr
Not great with the square Tray...

Perfectly designed for the rectangle Tray. Don't make the same mistake than me. I bought the square Tray with the Dice Tower and it works but the free space left is very small and the result is not great so I don't use it.