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7 Piece RPG Set - Red Swirl with Gold

7 Piece RPG Set - Red Swirl with Gold

Wisps of golden flames flicker on the surface of red hot steel ingots in the forge. The red color in the face of these D&D dice is somewhat swirled, suggesting liquid movement. The manufacturing process makes the surface appearance of each die one-of-a-kind.

The look of fire and motion in these dice will suit D&D characters with a burning inner mission, be it exploration, fury, vengeance, or painting scenic landscapes. Barbarian Bob Ross!


• Material: Swirled red acrylic
• 7 piece dice set
• Standard, 16mm size
• Numbers painted in gold
• HDP-16


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kristina Stevens

7 Piece RPG Set - Red Swirl with Gold

Keith Fair
Absolutely beautiful!

The dice came in perfect condition and look so pretty! Totally ordering more in the future!


Simply beautiful

I Want To Eat Them

These dice are red and they look like candy. I am extremely pleased with my purchase. Side note please don't eat these because they are not edible.

Extremely Pretty Color Scheme

I don't normally go for bright dice, but these are really beautiful. They're a lovely shade of cherry red, and you can see clearly see lighter swirls of a bright orange-red that contrast internally against the sharper tones of the darker cherry. There's a lot of visual interest in the swirls, which especially shows up when you pick it up and move it around. The sharper points on the dice where the facets meet, when picked up, also sharply brings out the inner swirls.

The gold lettering is very sharp and crisp, easy to read with the color motifs. Needless to say, they're an excellent investment, and Die Hard's quality means that my bad rolls are purely on me and RNJesus.