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7pc RPG Set - Spectral Ancient


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The local villagers knew the standing stones were ancient and sacred. They held festivals every year honoring the stones, and they were revered by elders and children alike. When, in the midst of great turmoil, the stones that made up the ancient colossus awoke and protected the people, they knew their rites and rituals had not been for naught.

The Ancients line of dice are as timeless as they are stalwart. These gray dice have black inking and black shading that give them the look of ancient stones. They bring a rustic and rugged air to any table or dice palette and are perfect for any character with a weathered and unyielding soul.


  • Classic ‘Ancient’ design
  • Semi-translucent gray with black ink and shading
  • Traditional 7-piece RPG set
  • Made with non-toxic resin
  • These dice glow in the dark


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Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
Russell Cook
Spectral Ancient

I absolutely love the dice! They feel nice, having a decent heft and good glow. My inner magpie needs more shinies and the postcard I got from Kadan wishing me many good adventures really sold me on buying dice from Die Hard Dice from now on!

Charles Rich

Fun dice, I like the glow. Personally i'm going to ink the numbers with a gold paint to make them pop a lil more.

Favorite so far out of all my dice!

Just bought these recently after getting back into DnD, I figured why not, I wanted some of my own and I am 100% glad I went with Die Hard Dice. I already had a UV light so I gave it a shot and man these things glow! Not that you need it, a normal phone flashlight works to "charge" the dice for a bit, however it's a little bit slower doing it that way. I am not disappointed at all!

Blaireida Fallen

Absolutely love them, they look like bone in the light and glow beautifully when you charge em up with a black light


love these so much they look like bone normally and the glow is perfect

7pc RPG Set - Spectral Ancient

7pc RPG Set - Spectral Ancient


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