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• Material: Semi-translucent red and orange acrylic
• 7 piece dice set
• Standard, 16mm size
• Numbers painted in white
• HDB-28



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great Set of Fiery Little Dice

Nice and simple set of dice with easy to read numbers with vibrant colours

Good dice!

Great dice, they look great and roll smoothly. The only thing bad is my luck rolling higher than a 6
Just don't mess up on writing your review, it takes a month to fix it.

Awesome dice

I ordered a couple of the larger D20s, and I love them! Great weight and beautiful colors. I also ordered an acrylic set and those were nice as well, standard acrylic dice but I liked the colors.


An excellent set that blends the two colours in a great translucent medium. The red and yellow swirl together fantastically, and the colours have just enough bleed into each other where they meet without crossing into an entirely blended orange set. They also have a random distribution of the colours instead of a smooth, even layering, so they're not a predictable, layered set (which would be fine if that's what you were after, but that wasn't the case here). Light passes through the acrylic nicely, giving a nice tint as it does. All in all, exactly what you'd want from a swirled translucent set.

Die Hard remains an excellent company to order from as well - Their customer service and personal touches are, as always, fantastic! I'm already finding that I have to pace myself on more dice-goblin-ing, but I know exactly where I'm coming for the next round, for some of those gorgeous newly released company-exclusive sets, and hopefully some of the newly released HD Dice sets that are now on my list - I'll have to wait and see what the new polymer sets for August are.


These things are sooo gorgeous. I bought them for somebody else, but now I feel a little bit of jealousy by giving them away. The manner how the transparent colors blend, sparks a fire. They totally deserve their name, it really is a sunburst.