Drakona is here! The latest exclusive design from Die Hard Dice, Drakona metal dice are plated in gold or silver with detailed dragonscale inlay treated with single color, prismatic rainbow color,  and battleworn finish.

Experience the power of the Drakona Khaos, Drakona Eldric and Drakona Ventus : available in 7 or 11 piece sets, single d20s, d10s, d6s, and dire d20!

Drakona Eldric Dragons

Eldric Argentum

A haunting hum accompanies the flight of an argentum dragon. It's a trait of their silvery scales, which gleam like mercury in flight and echo through highland hills, which presage their arrival. More than any other dragon, the argentum assumes humanoid form, singing to change shape, then using their intoxicating allure to draw an entourage, collecting people like other dragons amass treasure. Thus, skilled bards are honored to be called 'Argentum' as the highest accolade and some inns are known to award beautiful argentum earrings to entertainers and artists.

Eldric Electrum

Electrum dragons value their solitude. They're secretive and mysterious due to being hunted for their golden scales, which scintillate with arcane power. Unlike chromatic dragons, which hunt for malevolent sport, electrum dragons are watchers, carefully observing trespassers before choosing to act. The Alydian Dragonflight consisted entirely of electrum dragons and safeguarded the northern sapphire spires against the hordes of the sorcerer-kings during the second age. Sighting one now is a rare thing - and considered an immeasurably good omen.

Eldric Cuprum

Cuprum dragons are rarely seen on the surface world. They are one of the few denizens of the underdark that prey on the sinister and aberrant forces that dwell in the dark below. Their territory is a quiet oasis - quite literally. They permeate a regenerative aura which manifests as a lush undergrowth, including foliage, trees, and water, appearing much as if one had stepped headlong into the Feywild. Magical items laced with cuprum are said to exhibit similar curative properties, and these great wyrms are often sought to heal that which is thought incurable.

Drakona Khaos Dragons

Khaos Nyx

With dark scales tipped in silver, Nyx moves through the night like a starfield. She is never far from Hemera's island, roaming the open waters and shores each time the sun sets. Her followers are travelers too, using night skies to navigate the world and embracing the chaos of oceans. Hemera values exploration and looks favorably on those who bring her offerings of rare elements and magic items.

Khaos Erebus

Erebus is every present in dreams, contorting them into twisted nightmares. Estranged from her twin sister, Aether, Erebus thrives in the chaotic forces of darkness. She derives pleasure from causing fear and her treasures are of possession that matter most to her victims: magical items, skulls, and even souls trapped in her twister tower in a desolate land.

Khaos Hemera

As the Guardian of Day, Hemera finds strength in light, gracing her followers of a tropical island with life and prosperity. Her secrets, her treasures, are hidden deep within the pit of an active volcano. Scales shimmer in daylight with a radiant prismatic aura and at night, a domain protected by her twin sister Nyx, Hemera's eyes cast a golden glow.

Khaos Aether

The Bringer of Light, Aether, calls home the frigid polar realms where the cosmos touch closest. Guarding a frozen tower, Aether finds material power in the cosmos beyond her earthly domain. Valuing cosmic knowledge and community, she passionately hoards magically imbued items and scrolls within her tower. 

Drakona Ventus Zephyros Dragons

Zephyros dragons, The Spring Heralds of the West, are a welcome sight during the waning Winter weeks as they rise from their hibernation to bring the season to a close. Drowning out the sound of the crashing waterfalls under which they live, their powerful roars ring out in unison, signaling the plants to grow, animals to rise from their slumbers, and birds to return to their roosts.

Many farmers settle near Zephyros dragons’ lairs in an effort to garner favor and blessings for a strong start to the growing season. Floral offerings are a favorite of Zephyros dragons, and communities often prepare baskets of hyacinth petals to float down the falls whenever a dragon leaves its lair. From these offerings, the coats of Zephyros dragons are often decorated with petals that cling to their moss-covered hides. These daily offering rituals draw in many travelers, who stop to admire the flower petals tumbling down through dazzling rainbows in the mist.

While Zephyros dragons don’t actively seek out companionship with people, they do offer gifts to those who prove themselves. Each night before bedding, Zephyros dragons wait inside their cavernous lairs for adventurers to climb through the battering falls. Many people slip and fall into the deadly waters, but the dragons graciously save them from the battering torrents. Few attempt the climb a second time, and those who fail once more are not spared for a third attempt. Worthy heroes who successfully traverse through the falls are rewarded with a boon or guidance.

Drakona Khaos Lunar Abyss Dragons

It is said that Lunar Abyss Dragons burst forth on new moon nights, summoned by those foolish or fanatic enough to stare into the deep void of space with a fervent intensity. Such converging fixation fully untethers the weakened bindings of the lunar seal, unleashing dragons in a farrago of forms and hues for a hellish night of destruction and chaos that only dawn’s rays can dispel. Daylight offers only a brief and bitter respite from the chaos, however, for the moon’s restored bonds are doomed to release the dragons to rip and rend the fabric of reality again and again until they snuff out even the light of day.

The tides of chaos push and pull violently when the Lunar Hordes fly, and the mere presence of a dragon from The Lunar Abyss compels even the most stalwart of champions to abandon their convictions. Casters of untamed and wild magics experience unprecedented surges in arcane energy in the presence of these dragons; fonts of magic that violently spew forth and join the wyrms in tumultuous and discordant maelstroms of chaos.

Aside from their enduring enslavement to the moon’s phases, little about the dragons is consistent or predictable. Likewise, the Lunar Horde’s age, aims, and origins remain utterly unknown. Each night the dragons desecrate is different from the last, and the only experience all witnesses share is an unshakable and overwhelming desire to lose themselves to the writhing embrace of chaos. Those who behold the horde’s gruesome and destructive dance are irrevocably changed by sights that no mortal can comprehend.

Drakona Lore developed by our creative team of Chris, Shane, Erika, Kynan, and Joey.