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7pc RPG Set - Drakona Eldric Electrum


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Electrum dragons value their solitude.  They're secretive and mysterious due to being hunted for their golden scales, which scintillate with arcane power.  Unlike chromatic dragons, which hunt for malevolent sport, electrum dragons are watchers, carefully observing trespassers before choosing to act.  The Alydian Dragonflight consisted entirely of electrum dragons and safeguarded the northern sapphire spires against the hordes of the sorcerer-kings during the second age.  Sighting one now is a rare thing - and considered an immeasurably good omen.


Gold plating with battleworn, detailed dragonscale inlay 
 Excellent heft, and authoritative feel when rolling
• Mythica dice corners are softened for beauty, improve rolling, and kindness to tables
• Solid metal dice, die-cast non-toxic Zinc alloy
• Standard 7 piece RPG dice set

Also Available in: 11 piece set, 7 piece setsingle d20single d10single d6, and Dire d20! Learn more about the entire Drakona family here!


All our metal sets come with a protective case.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Jesse Livingston
Unbelievable Dice and Service

Dice are amazing and well done. The scales are perfect and edges feel great.

Blown away by the service at Die Hard Dice. Everything to the right of the box were freebees! I mentioned that this is for a dragon's campaign. Notice the two extra d6s have dragon scales and the note mentions a "dragon's hoard." ♥️

7pc RPG Set - Drakona Eldric Electrum

These dice were exactly what I wanted them to be! Die Hard Die is a fantastic company and they treat their customers like VIPs. If you are ordering dice, I highly recommend ordering from them.

Kyle Kolander

7 Piece RPG Set - Drakona Eldric Electrum

Jack Arends

I've always found gold to be a gaudy color and it took me some time to decide to get these, but I've had them for a while now and I couldn't be more impressed with the quality. The finish on them is a perfect balance of shiny and dark. The scales really help with this as they are well defined and the edges' dark color contrasts very well. Quality-wise I've had this set for about 8 months and while I do keep them in a dice tray they still look as good as the day they arrived. Truly the only thing that isn't perfect has nothing to do with the dice, I find the lid on the dice box that comes with them won't really stay closed on its own but a rubber band fixes that issue. The dice box feels like a nice extra as it is but I felt it worth mentioning in case that's something you care about. In the end, I've never had a better quality set of dice, and the service that accompanied it would find me hard-pressed to go searching anywhere else if I decide to make another purchase.

Fabio Cannizzaro
Amazing Dice Set

The dice look and feel absolutely amazing. The scale pattern is very detailed and looks as just as good in person as on the pictures. Due to their weight, rolling these dice feels really satisfying. Shipping was reasonably quick as well given the distance.

7pc RPG Set - Drakona Eldric Electrum

7pc RPG Set - Drakona Eldric Electrum


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