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LifeLink Counter - Refined Mountain


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Take command of the table with LifeLink Counter! Forged from metal, this hefty life counter is ideal for your favorite card game from the wizarding coast! Thematic colors are available to match your decks with blue, green, red, white, and black! Need more than one color? Die Hard Dice has you covered! The LifeLink Counters are REMIXABLE! Bound together with a strong magnet, you can mix and match your life counters to make dual color life counters that match your two-color deck.


  • Easily turns and is held in place firmly with our patented design to help keep track of your life points
  • Plated in shiny silver
  • Red gemstone inlay
  • Mix and Match, trade color wheels with friends
  • Comes with 2 Red LifeLink Counter wheels (right and left) and the middle bridge!

Shipping Policy:

  • Our About Shipping page has many useful details about international shipping and other in depth info.
  • Free Shipping within the USA with just $40 in your cart!
  • Orders are typically processed and shipped within 1-3 business days.
  • We aren't shipping on Fridays because we've been testing out a 4-day work week here at Castle Die Hard.
  • Shipping rates will vary based on the size and weight of the item(s) and the destination.

Return Policy:

  • Didn't like what you got? Just email us and find out why the bards sing songs about our customer service.
  • We'll make it better, whether you want a refund, a replacement, or a swap with some other artifact from our selection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Brendan Thornton

LifeLink Counter - Refined Mountain

Daniel Brazzano
LifeLink Counter

Absolutely love the item. Made extremely well and will be USJ fit for years to come. Thanks for the great purchase.

Great life counter

I bought two of these "starter kits" but what I'm really reviewing here is the customer service. As is always the case, you are dealing with human beings, who are known to be fallible. It is therefore to be expected that there will be occaisional glitches. In my case, one of the "kits" had two "left" wheels, a glitch. So the big question should never be "can there be glitches?" but "how do they handle glitches?" And the answer is "beautifully!" Kynan responded right away. He sent a replacement wheel immediately and a prepaid padded envelope to return the one I did not need. I always want to give a top-level shout-out to any outfit that responds with this level of customer service. Aside from the great product, great service is worth knowing about! Five Stars!

Kenneth Hall

Great item.

Elijah Mayfield
Big Flex

I love this life counter. Most of the players at my LGS use spin downs and some use plastic counters like this one. There's only 2 of us that have ones like this and people are jealous!! They keep asking where I got it from and I tell them from y'all. Great product. Positive clicks that let you know its been moved. I haven't had a problem with it coming apart in my backpack either.

LifeLink Counter - Refined Mountain

LifeLink Counter - Refined Mountain


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