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Gift Guide

Gift Guide

For the gamer in your life who always seems to be running the game.

For the gamer who doesn't care so much what they're using the dice for, as long as they're pretty.

Not everyone plays D&D, and that's okay!

Not sure where your gamer fits?

The Discerning DM

The infamous DM or GM can be a tough one to shop for. Often times they already have a plentiful collection of dice, books, and other gaming equipment.

Dual Scroll of Rolling

• Features Queen's Treasure by Deven Rue, or Dragon's Wrath by Crystal Sully

• Smaller storage compartment holds 2 metal dice sets

• Larger storage compartment comes with 3 clear storage tubes that can hold dice or minis

• Compact when rolled up for easy transportation and storage 

•Easily fits in a backpack

Dire D20s

• Tastefully oversized for excellent heft, and authoritative feel when rolling

• Solid metal dice, die-cast non-toxic Zinc alloy

• Comes in a variety of finishes and inlays

Storm Forged - Unearthed

The Shiny Collector

If you know a dice collector, then you've probably heard the phrase "Click-Clack Shiny Math Rocks" at least once.

The Varied Player

Not everyone plays D&D, which is great! Fate, Vampire, Dungeon World, MTG... the list goes on.


D10 Sets

Brute Force

There are a wide variety of gaming systems out there.

• MTG 

• D10 Systems (___)

• D6 Systems (___)

• D20 Systems (___)

The Unpredictable

Each Royal Renegade is a full 7 piece set made from a random selection of our Forge and Mythica Dice and comes with a Small Royal Purple Velvet Bag.

When all else fails? Give them a gift card!

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