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7pc RPG Set - Elessia Kybr - Arbiter

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The Starblade Knights rely upon the Arbiter class as a diplomatic envoy to resolve border tensions before they escalate into full military conflict. As such they maintain a balance between defensive-based physical training while specializing in negotiation and diplomacy. Their silver tongues have saved more than one kingdom from Imperial domination!


    • Shimmery purple swirls inked in white
    • Softer, rounded edges of our Avalore design
    • Traditional 7 piece RPG dice set
    • Premium sizing using our exclusive Avalore style
    • Made of specialized acrylic polymer

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Joseph Encinas
    A Great Gift

    Gave these dice as a gift to one of my friends. She loved the colors, and they roll very well!

    Solomon Foster

    I've purchased six sets of these Elessia Kybr dice so far. They look spiffy, they roll nicely, and the numbers on the white on dark sets are brilliantly easy for my old eyes to read. (The gold numbers on red set is a touch harder but still quite readable.)

    Really, my only complaint here is that for the dark sets -- of which i have three mixed together right now -- the colors are different enough to trigger my OCD "I shouldn't be rolling different colors together like that" (like on a percentile roll) but similar enough it takes me several moments to actually find the matching colors. Obviously this is very much a ME problem.

    (I should maybe add that looking at this page again as I go to submit this had me thinking that maybe I should buy some more extra sets, as I will inevitably lose some over the years, and these dice are really nice and it would suck to go to replace them and discover they are no longer made. I can't emphasize enough that I historically not a dice collector of any sort -- indeed, I had exactly one set I used from 1992-2017...)

    Sierra Curry
    Dey Beau-TI-FUL BRUH!!

    Beautiful dice. The white font has a higher contrast than some of the other dice I own.
    It's very striking and I'm thrilled!

    Cheyanne H.
    Perfect dice!

    I love these so much! The color is exactly like the picture, and the numbers are super readable, which is a big plus when I'm - shall we say - visually challenged!

    Scott Webber

    My new dice look and roll great. I look forward to ordering more.

    7pc RPG Set - Elessia Kybr - Arbiter

    7pc RPG Set - Elessia Kybr - Arbiter

    Regular price   $11.95 Sale price   $10.95

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