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7 Piece RPG Set - Elessia Moonstone Farallon with White

7 Piece RPG Set - Elessia Moonstone Farallon with White

This ghostly coastal village was the site of a forgotten injustice. It now drifts about the sea, known as the "crossroads of the tides" to travelers and traders who find it. Legend tells of a treasure to be found by those who heal the deadly phantoms that remain.


    • Shimmery green swirls inked in white
    • Softer, rounded edges of our Avalore design
    • Traditional 7 piece RPG dice set
    • Premium sizing using our exclusive Avalore style
    • Made of specialized acrylic polymer


    7 Piece RPG Set - Nether Ancient7 Piece RPG Set - Nether Ancient
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Samantha Ellis

    These dice are the perfect set for my character and really complement her aesthetic! Die Hard Dice never disappoints on quality!


    Really nice design, love the subtle sparkle and purple swirls, clear and clean number inking, really high quality product!
    Definitely the first of many sets!

    Beautiful Design

    Some of my favorite dice I've gotten from DHD. If you missed out on the Avalore Enchanted Unity these come in a quite similar transparent green hue, though more pure green and a bit less cool tone. I actually like them better since I prefer the smoother edges of the Elessia line. You have the transparent dark green base with a shimmer of fine green and purple depending on the angle of the light. Seriously fantastic dice with my only complaint being my set showed up with slight abrasion to the finish as if they'd rubbed together in their bag a bit too much. No scratches or anything just could use a bit of a polish/shine up if I ever grab zona papers one day. I use these for my Hexblade Warlock but like them enough that I could see picking up the gold ink ones if they were on brand for another Druid or a Ranger someday.