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7pc RPG Set - Arcane Hexbreaker


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Cryptic sigils and arcane symbols adorn the long-forgotten temple. At the innermost chamber lies an obsidian altar, etched with runes emanating a strange dark power. With trembling hands, the ritualist draws their blade, preparing to break the dark hex upon them.

The dice artificers at Castle Die Hard have been hard at work, and the results are particularly potent. Hexbreaker dice are the perfect addition to any dragon’s hoard. These enchanting dice feature arcane emblems at each vertex and are numbered with our otherworldly Hexbreaker font. 

This set also unveils our new d4 shape for the first time! A unique top-read die we are coining, “the Archimedean d4.” First enumerated by Archimedes himself, the truncated tetrahedron serves not only as a beautiful new d4 shape, but as a devilishly fun new game mechanic. With a 5% chance at a critical roll, your game just got more interesting. 


  • All-New Hexbreaker mold
  • Dark Iron edges with scorched rainbow fill
  • Standard 7-piece RPG
  • Solid metal dice, die-cast non-toxic Zinc alloy
  • Features our new Archimedean d4 design

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Chris Conley
Incredible quality, beautiful finish, great customer service!

As a new DM, these dice are perfect. The Arcane Hexbreaker design evokes mystery and an element of wild magic, and the dice themselves are well crafted and sturdy. With them I received a letter from the owners and a bonus set of plastic standard dice as thanks. Even without the extra goodies, these dice are well worth the price. There’s nothing better than telling one of your players that you’re rolling an enemy’s damage dice and seeing them flinch as the metal dice THUD onto the table. Whenever I need new dice, this is the company I’m going with from now on.

Ericc Gilbert
Epicly Pretty

Just super cool and amazing and unique dice and I love them so much! Can't wait to break some tables with these!

Nathan Faires
Amazing Dice!

The highlight of this set are the Archimedean d4s! Very cool way to make a d4 and I will most certainly be using their "d4 crits" rules in my upcoming Pathfinder campaign in some capacity.

Marc A.
Amazing Dice

This set is incredibly detailed, photos just don't do them justice. Great addition to any collection!

Krista Balint
Great dice

I really enjoy the new style of d4 and all the possibilities it makes for added game play.
The feel of the dice is nice and throws well.

7pc RPG Set - Arcane Hexbreaker

7pc RPG Set - Arcane Hexbreaker


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