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7pc RPG Set - Soulscorcher


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Another blow glanced off the warrior’s gleaming armor as they waded through the battlefield. They had already taken a myriad of devastating blows, but all had been rebuffed by the resplendent mythril plate they wore.

Powerful metallurgy was required to craft these great relics. These red dice may look like some fantastical and mythical alloy, but are light as a sunbeam dancing on the leaves. The black ink provides a sharp, distinct contrast, making them particularly readable. These mythril treasures are the perfect addition to every dragon’s dice hoard, and they sure to roll true again and again. 


  • Exclusive Avalore style
  • Metallic red with black ink
  • Traditional 7-piece RPG dice set
  • Made of specialized acrylic polymer
  • Lustrous look of metal, polymer kindness to tables

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Kyle Martin
Amazing Set

The color is great on these. I play at a table where we have darker lighting and for a darker set, they are very readable. A lot lighter that I expected but great quality!

Bryce Cholewinski
Gifted first set

I bought these as a gift for my girlfriend who's never played before, but who has shown an interest in learning. So, I bought her first set for her as a gift for when we sit down and I teach her how to play. She absolutely loved them, and so did I. Thank you so much for making such amazing dice!!

Tony Spicer

Bought these as a birthday present for my wife. They are gorgeous, from my perspective and from hers. The pictures on the website don't really do them justice.


These look great and feel good in the hand. Love the company!

Nathan Roche
A fresh take

These dice are a really cool way to do polymer dice. They look metal but won't destroy your dice tray. 10/10

7pc RPG Set - Soulscorcher

7pc RPG Set - Soulscorcher


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