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7pc RPG Set - Summer Court


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Summer ascends with scorching heat and cobalt sky, golden days conceal prying eyes.

-From the Faelliad, Chapter 4, Lines 14

The Faewild can be dangerous, at least, without a guide. These blue dice are perfect to help you through the twists and turns of your adventures. Their golden flakes and yellow inking lend an air of levity to any campaign or character, and are sure to bring the chaos of the Faewild whenever you need it. 


  • Our classic Avalore style
  • Translucent blue with gold flakes and yellow inking
  • Traditional 7-piece RPG dice set
  • Made of specialized acrylic polymer

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Awesome dice and awesome company!

I’ve recently joined the world of RPG tabletop games and when doing research, stumbled across Die Hard Dice.

Not only do they produce an awesome product (these Summer Court dice are of great quality and look incredible!) but I also love that they are a company that cares by contributing to charitable causes and going as far to write a thoughtful hand written note with my order.

Die Hard Dice rules and I will be ordering again in the future!

John Z
They're fine

Don't ask customers to advertise your products for you. It's really annoying.

Lauren Reisfeld
Great Dice and Interesting Color Combo

This is a really cool set of dice! The color combination is both very striking and readable, and the glitter combined with the transparent blue color of the dice is a really interesting look.

They are magical

I love the shape, the colors, the sound when they roll. Pure gleamy sparky magic. Je les adore !

Fairies of the Summer Court

When I saw the name and the dice, it did remind me of the fairies in the Dresden Files book Summer Knight.
The color of the dice set is not sky blue, also not water blue. It is a color between the two, which gives the dice a fresh, easy but also distant, cold feel.The sparkling glitter and the yellow numbers give the set the lively playfulness and levity of the fairies of the Summer Court.

It catches all these characteristics and at the same time does still provide great visibility of the numbers on the dice.

If you look for something special, an affordable fresh, lively, playful eye catcher dice set that does its job as dice on the table very good also, look no further.

7pc RPG Set - Summer Court

7pc RPG Set - Summer Court


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