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7 Piece RPG Set - Avalore Enchanted Mischief

7 Piece RPG Set - Avalore Enchanted Mischief


  • Purple translucent, shimmering dice with blue undertones and inked in black
  • Mythica dice corners are softened for beauty, improve rolling, and kindness to tables
  • Traditional 7 piece RPG dice set
  • Premium sizing using our exclusive Avalore style
  • Made of specialized acrylic polymer

Want to ink your own set? Buy a Project Dice - Mischief set here!  


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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Danny Z
Buy them

Honestly, some of the coolest looking dice I own. The shape on the d4 is nice, this won't hurt as much when I inevitably step on it.

Jason Stephens
The Best Set of Dice (of the sets I bought from Die Hard Dice)

We all have different criteria for what makes a good set of dice. While I admire aesthetics and how dice look, I put a lot of weight on uniformity in the dimensions of dice - specifically the d20. I want the most random rolls I can get, and if a die is uneven, it will affect the statistical outcomes of rolls.

Because manufacturing of mass-produced dice often involves "tumbling" as the means to remove excess paint and smooth the edges of the dice, I look for dice which appear to be manufactured or appear to use less tumbling to finish the process.

These Avalore Enchanted Mischief set appeared to have sharper edges, which led me to think that they might be more uniform from edge to edge.

I used a digital micrometer and took some readings. I found that the d20 in this set varied less than .1 mm - and that's pretty fantastic when I compared those measurements to other sets (including some I bought from Die Hard Dice, one of which had a variable of over half a mm).

The color of this set is a beautiful iridescent purple. The numbers are larger than on most dice and painted in black. They can be tough to see in dim light, but that's to be expected with darker dice and ink colors.

I appreciated the hand-written card as well.

If I could buy more dice from this manufacturer, I would do it.

Isabelle Belmont
Really happy with ^~^

I got a bunch of dice for myself and my friends and they look amazing and I’m sure my friends will love there’s too :3 💕 also the personalised card was a really cute touch


7 Piece RPG Set - Avalore Enchanted Mischief

Brandon Webb
Replacement dice

Got these dice for free as a replacement for some others, and they're awesome. Best customer service I've dealt with.