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Critlings 7pc Mini RPG Set - Dark Copper


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With a skip in her step, a halfling strides into the morning sun. She dons a straw hat adorned with vibrant blooms and tends to her garden with nimble fingers. The melodies of chirping birds and rustling leaves fill the air, and laughter from the village children rises lazily into the sun’s warm embrace.

It’s been said that good things come in small packages, and our new Critlings are a perfect fit. These delightfully tiny dice are perfect for the unassuming adventurer, the half-pint hero, or anyone craving a new fun-sized set of dice. Add Critlings to your collection, or just toss them in your pocket to bring a bit of adventure wherever you go.


  • Adorably sized miniaturized mold
  • Battleworn copper finish
  • Traditional 7-Piece RPG Set
  • Made of die-cast non-toxic Zinc alloy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Benjamin Ö.
Lovely little dice

Just like their plastic siblings these guys are small. Unlike the plastics which weigh just under 1g each these guys have some heft! Not like heavy heavy, but you feel their presence! Came in a little plastic box with plastic inlay which I now use to store my 3 Critling sets!
Tiny dice worth the tiny pricetag!

Mary Jane Watkins
Excellent and Charming

The pictures in the listing are accurate in terms of color, quality, and dimension. I was worried that such little dice would go flying off in all directions, but these are weighty little guys who stay put. The numbers take up a large amount of the face, proportionally, so visibility is not badly impacted (with the possible exception of the D20, which is when the numbers do get quite petite). Metal sounds great on any rolling surface, and the whole effect is really whimsical and lovely. I got these dice as a punchline for a similarly diminutive character of mine, but I'm so pleased with them that I think they will see some broader use.

Critlings 7pc Mini RPG Set -  Dark Copper

Critlings 7pc Mini RPG Set - Dark Copper


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