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Magnetic Game Light

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Our Magnetic Game Light grips the edge of your dice tray or GM screen with strong magnets to shine light on your dice, books, or game in three different powered modes:

  1. White Light Mode
  2. Blacklight (UV) Mode
  3. Dual Lighting Mode
  4. (Plus a secret 4th mode: OFF!)

Increase the visibility of your dice rolls or character sheets!

Step up your immersion gaming by playing in the dark! With our Magnetic Dice Tray, easily read your dice!

Illuminate UV Reactive and/or glow-in-the-dark dice! See your dice in a whole new light!

Use the Magnetic Tray Light on all of our AfterDark dice!


  • Magnetic Light Tray
  • One (1) USB-A to USB-C 3' cable

The Die Hard Dice Magnetic Tray Light requires external power and comes with a USB-A to USB-C cable and may not function as intended with a USB-C to USB-C cable.

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Return Policy:

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  • We'll make it better, whether you want a refund, a replacement, or a swap with some other artifact from our selection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Zelgrid the Beefmaker
It's amazing!

I love it.

Benjamin Steiger
Excellent light for any GM or UV dice owner

The magnetic light is awesome for keeping my notes illuminated, my UV-reactive dice glowing, and for setting atmosphere when I want dimmer lights at my table. Great addition for any GM who uses a thin screen and could use the additional light.

Chester Henderson
Sweet Nightlight

Can be put anywhere on your tray and has both white and black light, making it handy even if you don't have the UV reactive dice. Only downside is that you need a nearby USB port to power it, which I could see getting in the way sometimes. Besides that it's pretty cool.

Trevor Grondin
Very nice light

It is really bright and the black light makes the glow in the dark dice light up fast

Brody F
Just what I needed to see my glowing dice in all their glory!

I play mainly with glow-in-the-dark or UV reactive dice. This setup has just enough UV LEDs to light up a die as it lands. The magnet is very strong and it stays where it is supposed to be. it also folds fairly flat so it doesn't take up a lot of space in my bag. The power cord is long, but I use a portable power bank so that's not a problem anyway. Don't leave it on too long as it gets hot, I'd say 10mins tops. Great value.

Magnetic Game Light

Magnetic Game Light

Regular price   $24.95 Sale price   $19.95

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