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Dire d20 - Unearthed Bloodline

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When darkness strikes with Burden’s Plight
When all Hope fails, and loses Form 

Remember then, our Keeper’s Might 
That you were Forged within the Storm.


The Storm Forged - Unearthed line of dice is a collaboration between Die Hard Dice and Jake Stormoen's Storm Forged brand.  Unearthed feature a unique bordered design and a font that was created from scratch.  The twenty face of the d20 also features a sunken face with the Storm Forged dragon logo.  


• Oversized with excellent heft and authoritative feel when rolling
• Solid metal dice, die-cast non-toxic Zinc alloy
• Electroplated with our Ancient Gold finish
• Each face is hand painted in dark red
• Single Dire d20

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Deep in the heart of Unearthed Bloodline is the soul of magic. Love that these are designed by Jake Stormoen who must have a rich love of fantasy. Die Hard Dice never disappoints.

My party is scared of it

Rolled a bunch of nat 20s while dming, and almost killed the party. Very heavy, and satisfying to roll. Much better in person than in the pictures.

Tyler Derden

Really like he design. Nice and clean look. Highly recommend

Unearthed Bloodline Review

To Preface this review;
I’m a big fan of your products and excellent service. You’re a wonderful collection of service professionals that go above & beyond for your customers. That said, I hope you can appreciate an honest review from a loyal, returning patron.

I’m a little disappointed with my unearthed bloodline dire d20. I think I expected something different than what I received. I believe that the metallic texture and general feel of the die is great, but the details with the numbers and the 20 icon aren’t very clear. I like what you were going for with this die, I just think it needs more definition. I’ll be sending out an email after the new year about possibly exchanging this die for another.

That’s all I got, I hope this review doesn’t leave a negative impact on you. I merely wished to provide constructive criticism in the hopes that it can help you in some way. This does not change how I feel about Die Hard Dice, you are still my favorite when it comes to creative, fun, quality dice. Thank you for everything you do. My players love their new dice, and I can’t wait for my next purchase :)
Happy Holidays!
All the best,

Simon Van Der Spoel
Stormforged dice landed in Australia

Incredible metal dice with great finish and detail (I chose Sage, love the green and copper look!), the set was delivered in a beautiful matte black tin, plus the giant Dire D20’s are sure to strike fear into my players as I DM with these awesome metal math rocks! Thank you!!

Dire d20 - Unearthed Bloodline

Dire d20 - Unearthed Bloodline

Regular price   $14.95 Sale price   $13.95

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