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When darkness strikes with Burden’s Plight
When all Hope fails, and loses Form 

Remember then, our Keeper’s Might 
That you were Forged within the Storm.


The Storm Forged - Unearthed line of dice is a collaboration between Die Hard Dice and Jake Stormoen's Storm Forged brand.  Unearthed feature a unique bordered design and a font that was created from scratch.  The twenty face of the d20 also features a sunken face with the Storm Forged dragon logo.  


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Unearthed Sage

Absolutely stunning dice! I feel like an old bronze relic found in a temple. The pictures do not do it justice, it's a pleasure to roll with!!


Immediately the styling of that die type caught my attention; it's very striking and unique, and that particular colour morph I bought for my wife... it's perfect. There is a serious, impactful THUD, the hand feel and roll is wonderful, and the greens and earth tones are exactly her thing. Could not have asked for a better Premiere CHONK for her.


New fave!

Thank you so much!

Everything came in with no issues. The dice look amazing! Half of the group have received their dice and loved them! Thank you again.

Fantastic and Thoughtful

As a brand new dm I reached out to DHD to stock my arsenal with various sets of dice. I really liked the Unearthed Dage dice for its foresty druid appeal and jumped on it. Having bought from DHD for the first time I wasn't sure of the quality I'd get, but the reviews persuaded me to buy.

I have to say I've been utterly blown away. In my package I received the dice I ordered, all on top of a beautiful handwritten note wishing me success as a new dm, along with some tips to running a campaign. Ive got to say, the personal touch definitely worked as it had me beaming afterwards!

The Unearthed Sage dice is exactly as advertised, a nice weighty dice thats larger than the rest of my sets. Im very happy with the artistry, and the coloring is great. Ive added this to what I call my "dice of fate" as it holds the weights of my players actions in its rolls.