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Take command of the table with LifeLink Counter! Forged from metal, this hefty life counter is ideal for your favorite card game from the wizarding coast! Thematic colors are available to match your decks with blue, green, red, white, and black! Need more than one color? Die Hard Dice has you covered! The LifeLink Counters are REMIXABLE! Bound together with a strong magnet, you can mix and match your life counters with the Upgrade Kits!


  • Easily turns and is held in place firmly with our patented design to help keep track of your life points
  • Plated in shiny silver
  • Black gemstone inlay
  • Mix and Match, trade color wheels with friends
  • Comes with 2 Black LifeLink Counter wheels (right and left) and the middle bridge!
  • Mix more colors with the Upgrade Kits here!

*Restocking soon! Support your friendly local game store in the meantime!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lance Stewman
Love it!

I use it as a HP counter but it only goes 99, I’ll have to get another one to exceed 99. I have no issues with it.

Mark Valdez
Best product for Magic

I love idea of this product. It's way better than using a 20 sided dice. It rotates so smoothly and made with high quality.

Rachael Lester
One wheel is backwards?

I like the design and everything, but you can't read the numbers left to right, due to one of the wheels being reversed from the other.

Alex Waddington
defective product

the magnets were put in wrong so the upgrade kits wouldn't work. I'm still waiting on the replacement.

Chris W.
Awesome life counters!

We ordered two base kits; one black, one red. We also ordered one upgrade kit of each color. The build quality of the pieces is wonderful, nothing less than expected. The base kits come with the actual mechanism to connect both sides of the counters, while the upgrade kits only include the color wheel portions. It also came with small plastic Die Hard Dice counters of some sort, though I'm not positive what use they have.

Overall, very pleased with the pricing and product!