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Beyond the Brook is a surreal, dark whimsy tabletop roleplaying actual play series inspired by media like Adventure Time, Infinity Train, and Over the Garden Wall. It is narrated by Edward Spence, artwork is by Rachel Denton and the show is produced by Drak

Handmade Dice for Beyond the Brook

The Alchemists at Die Hard Dice have created one of a kind handmade dice based on each character in the show: Penny (played by StellaLuna), Gustin (played by Lexi), Lu (played by Sea), Angie (played by Laurel) and Ixia (played by Madi).  Watch Beyond the Brook here!  

All of these handmade d20s are 35mm "Epoch" size.  These are limited edition dice, with only four sets made of each style.

Inspired by Over the Garden Wall

A line of handmade dice inspired by a fall favorite "Over the Garden Wall" was also made in-house by our alchemists.

A portion of the proceeds for each item will go to the cast and crew of "Beyond the Brook", and so we thank you in advance for helping to support creators with your purchase.  

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Epoch - Beautiful Eyes

This handmade d20 is inspired by Over the Garden Wall, one of our favorite Autumn comfort shows. This die is a one-of-a-kind piece of art, handmade by the Castle Dice Artificers. A portion of the proceeds from this die will also go to support Beyond the Brook, an Actual Play series from some of our favorite TTRPG creators.

With the original prototype hand-sculpted in clay, this wolf-like creature was then modeled in 3d, printed in resin and painted by hand. Eyes and inked numbers are both UV reactive.


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