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Approach the Shopkeeper

Menu 1

Hail adventurer!  What are you looking for today?
• Are you offering any deals at the moment?
• Did I just see a cart come in with some shiny new things?
• I could use some advice.  I’m shopping for someone else…
• I long for the unusual.  I’m looking for something… unique.

Menu 2 - L2 DEALS

How about a pact boon?  Ha!  We actually have a number of items of interest.  Which of these piques your interest the most?

I heard you may have

a clearance section?

I’m really looking for your best discounts.

I want a lot of dice.
Like a lot.
• [in Thieves' Cant] I heard about discount codes? Can you tell me more?
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Menu 3 - L2 NEW

Ah… very perceptive! Yes, we do have a few new shiny trinkets and baubles.  Which interests you most?
I want to see the newest items in your shop, especially Holiday items!

Someone said you work with some interesting associates and allies?

 Do you have anything that wouldn’t normally be on the front shelves?
• Can you walk me through your shop and tell me a bit about your products?
< I'm interested in something else.

Menu 4 - L2 NOT SURE

You’ve come to the right place, and I’m honored to guide you!  Can you tell me a bit more about your needs?
What does every new adventurer
need for their kit?
Do you have something small enough to be a stocking stuffer?
I’m looking for a simple Gift Box.
I want something mysterious…
• I only have a certain amount of gold coins to spend…
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Menu 5 - L2 UNUSUAL

Of course!  You're looking for something you can’t find just anywhere.  What treasure would complete your quest?
I want something fancy. [clink the gold in your purse]
I’m looking for a fun gift for a fellow adventurer.
I want a lot of dice.
Like a lot.
I want a true curiosity, not the
conventional click-clacks!

Option 1

I heard you are master artificers!  Anything from the back you can show me?
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Menu 6 - L3 PRICE

Whether you’re a new adventurer or a seasoned privateer, we have magic items for every purse - even if it happens to be a bag of holding!  What price range are you looking for?
[Brandish your jeweled ring with a wink]
Price is no object.
Perhaps a writ of funding?
A Gift Card would do.
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I see you’ve heard of our secret ciphers!  We have three special codes at the moment, unless you have your own:
Spend at least $50,
then use the code
at checkout for $5 off!
Spend at least $80,
then use the code
at checkout for $10 off!
Spend at least $120,
then use the code
at checkout for $20 off!
Remember, you can only use one code!
• Now that I know how the codes work, what deals are you offering?
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Menu 8 - L3 PRODUCTS

Yes, right this way!  Here, you’ll find bejeweled artifacts, treasured magic items, and possibly a legendary relic or two.  What catches your eye?
• I am going into battle, and I want your strongest potions.
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My potions are too strong for you, traveller.
• I tell you I am going into battle and I want only your strongest potions.
• Oh, if they’re that strong, I understand.


My potions are too strong for you, traveller.
• Listen to me.  I want only your STRONGEST potions
• Oh, if they’re that strong, I understand.


My potions are too strong for you, traveller.
• Enough of these games!  I am going into battle, and I NEED your strongest potions.
• That deadly?  Hmm… perhaps that is more than I can handle...


Very well, foolish mortal!  If you are so intent on using the strongest potions, you may find them here.  But you’ve been warned!!!
• I could certainly make some strong potions from that, but you better just show me the rest of your wares for now.

Product Menu Template

Perhaps you would be interested in something touched by a dragon, or the arcane?
• I would like to see more like this.
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Johnny Stanton's Golden Gridiron

Johnny Stanton's Golden Gridiron

Dicefiliate Mega Showcase

Dicefiliate Mega Showcase

Storm Forged Mages Guild

Dicefiliate Mega Showcase


Through the month of June, we will be donating between 25% and 100% of the proceeds of select products to GLSEN, and The Transgender Law Center.


The legal rights and safety of the LGBTQIA+ community is at risk.  This year, we find have identified two particular charities that we feel can help.  

We want to make our public schools safer for LGBTQIA+ children by supporting GLSEN, who are dedicated to training educators and creating safe places and inclusive curriculum in K-12 schools.  

Additionally, the rights of our transgender friends are particularly at risk right now.  So, we have also chosen to support The Transgender Law Center, which not only offers direct legal support to transgender people but has created  supportive programs and groups as well.   


Throughout the month we will have two categories of products that will contribute to our donations.   Some products will contribute 100% of their proceeds, and the second category will contribute 25% of the proceeds.  Each product that will count toward donations will specifically list which category it falls into on the product's description page.

At the end of the month, we will add up the total donation, divide it equally between GLSEN, and The Transgender Law Center, but then round each of the two totals up to the nearest $1000.  

The resulting totals will then be donated.  

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